The Home Depot

Job Management System for Home Renovations

The Home Depot extended its existing FUJITSU GLOVIA® OM platform to support its new design
center concept. GLOVIA OM now provides a robust planning tool specifically for project-based
renovations and redesigns, ensuring that each installation can be managed with total visibility
for customers, staff, and third parties alike. The result is less painful, faster installations via
an intuitive portal that provides visibility of all moving parts.


The Home Depot launched a new design center and needed a customer experience orchestration platform to coordinate the installations of kitchens and bathrooms. It required a digital platform that could help it orchestrate a seamless customer experience.


  • The Home Depot has deployed FUJITSU GLOVIA OM on Salesforce to provide timely job management capabilities, that coordinates associated tasks, resources, and activities.


  • GLOVIA OM provides total  visibility of jobs, installation, suppliers, and stock
  • Streamlined customer journey, leading to higher customer satisfaction
  • Costly and erroneously scheduled visits are avoided, and manual tasks are automated
We chose GLOVIA OM because it provides us flexibility on a digital platform to deliver the right customer experience that matches the quality of our home design services.

Srini Chareddy, Senior IT Director, The Home Depot

About the customer

The Home Depot was founded in 1979 in Atlanta, Georgia, and today has more than 2,200 stores and more than 400k employees across North America. The typical store today averages 105,000 square feet of indoor retail space, interconnected with an e-commerce business that offers more than one million products for DIY customers, professional contractors, and the industry’s largest installation business for the do-it-for-me customer.

Introducing The Home Depot design center

When The Home Depot introduced Salesforce as a foundational business platform for installation services five years ago, it also needed a job and order management system. It chose FUJITSU GLOVIA OM to automate key tasks and eliminate inefficiencies, resulting in faster task updates and full order visibility.

“We chose GLOVIA OM because it provides us flexibility on a digital platform to deliver the right customer experience that matches the quality of our home design services,” explains Srini Chareddy, Senior IT Director at The Home Depot. “It enabled seamless integration with other Salesforce functionality and our own internal systems.”

When The Home Depot launched its new design center, which combines products, services, and expertise to bring kitchens and bathrooms to life, GLOVIA OM offered the full suite of project management capabilities. “The design center is a standalone facility that services a group of stores where customers can customize their dream kitchen with designers, and schedule home visits for measurements and installations,” adds Chareddy. “We needed a platform to manage all thosetasks and appointments to ensure the best customer experience throughout that journey.”

Ensuring accurate and transparent scheduling

FUJITSU GLOVIA OM is an end-to-end solution, which includes a robust planning tool for project-based services, enabling The Home Depot to efficiently manage all aspects of complex home-improvement projects. During the project, a team of both Fujitsu and The Home Depot consultants worked together to create a new digital solution to enhance the design center experience. Sophisticated workflows now equip project managers with information and visibility, as well as giving fitters and third-party contractors access to the scheduling they need to collaborate effectively.

“Customers, suppliers, and internal staff all have seamless visibility, ensuring everything is completed in a timely manner,” continues Chareddy. “Rather than manually keeping track of schedules, we have automated much of the job management via Fujitsu GLOVIA OM.”

Faster, more efficient installations

Customer reception to the innovative design center has been positive to the intuitive experience and peace of mind it provides. By accessing the customized portal, users can clearly see what to expect and when, making for an overall quicker installation process, as problems are avoided.

As GLOVIA OM is natively integrated with Salesforce, The Home Depot can build the platform once and have it work across any device or workflow while APIs enable communication with other applications and legacy Home Depot systems. It all combines to make for an efficient, seamless installation service.

“Getting the sequencing right is critical because if the floor installer arrives before the countertop person, that can impact the entire project. GLOVIA OM helps ensure the timely and efficient coordination of these milestones,” concludes Chareddy. “The technical experience of the Fujitsu team quickly helped bring this project to life. Fujitsu was responsive, knowledgeable, and demonstrated its commitment to our success throughout the project.” The Home Depot has extended the GLOVIA OM platform to other businesses and is reusing some of the capabilities that are already built for the design center, improving speed to market.

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