Trusted Society

Toward a prosperous, sustainable society

- creating your own life

With more and more countries working toward a society that puts the global environment at the forefront, considering sustainability on a global scale is more important than ever before. At the same time, there is a need for a more livable society that takes into account various points of view, enabling people to prepare for emergencies and flexibly implement countermeasures.

In order to protect and improve our civic lives while considering the global environment, we must consider urban development from the perspectives of the earth, cities, and people living in them, transforming into a carbon-neutral and resilient society and creating abundance for all.

Fujitsu's Trusted Society advances the creation of a society from the perspectives of abundance, safety and security, and sustainability, while implementing and innovating trustworthy technologies to solve social problems together with countries, governments, citizens and business partners.

Fujitsu aims to create an environment-first, resilient society in which people can live in peace and prosperity.