Daikin Applied Americas

Building an OCI environment for future growth

Daikin’s largely on-premise Oracle EBS environment was costly to manage and created technical bottlenecks when internal resources were stretched. It selected Fujitsu to migrate this digital core infrastructure to OCI which now delivers a cost-effective, scalable, and fully managed ERP platform to underpin the business. Fujitsu has also enabled disaster recovery and deployed the ServiceNow IT Service Management platform to further support the company


Daikin’s legacy Oracle infrastructure was costly to maintain and could no longer scale to meet the needs of a growing business. It needed a trusted partner to help it migrate to an entirely cloud-based OCI environment.


  • Oracle transition
  • OCI workload managed services for Oracle and PLM applications
  • 24/7 Oracle database administrator services
  • Oracle Management Cloud for proactive monitoring
  • OCI Security Managed Services
  •  synchronization and replication for disaster recovery


  • Fujitsu managed services ensure 24/7 availability for production
  • OCI can scale up and down according to demand
  • Minimal upfront investment reduces costs
  • Daikin IT employees are now focused on the strategic use of Oracle application functionality, instead of focusing on keeping it running
Partnering with Fujitsu enabled us to move our critical business systems to the cloud, providing a robust, reliable, scalable, and secure solution.

Todd Monson, IT Director/Technology Lead, Daikin Applied Americas


high availability around the clock   

About the customer

Daikin Applied is the world’s leading innovator in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) products, delivering superior air quality and energy efficiency with innovation in advanced technology, IoT, and next generation compressors. Daikin’s parent company, Daikin Industries, Ltd. reports revenues over $24 billion and has more than 70,000 employees worldwide, making it the largest HVAC manufacturer in the world. 

Planning for a cloud-first future

Oracle’s E-Business Suite (EBS) is the beating heart of Daikin’s business and, until recently, it relied on a third-party partner to run and manage the mostly on-premise infrastructure. However, this was costly, challenging to scale, and required a big, dedicated team to handle while also creating bottlenecks when resources were stretched. The company decided to plot a pathway to a more sustainable and efficient future with a smart factory approach.

Daikin asked its existing hosting partner to recommend how best to transform its enterprise infrastructure and it suggested migrating to a fully managed Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) platform. The next step was to find the best strategic IT partner to help Daikin plan and execute the migration, as well as take care of the ongoing management and maintenance.

“We wanted to get out of the ownership mindset with all of the associated upfront investment and transition to a full cloud environment,” explains Sanjay K Pillai, Senior Director IT at Daikin Applied Americas. “We also needed an effective disaster recovery component as that had been sorely lacking.”

Ensuring a seamless transition

Following a comprehensive evaluation, Daikin selected Fujitsu as its OCI partner based on its extensive knowledge and experience in complex Oracle deployments, as well as its longstanding relationship with Daikin globally. Fujitsu’s understanding of Oracle networking, digital core infrastructure, applications, and databases proved crucial in completing a few months migration to the new cloud environment.

Now, Fujitsu provides 24/7 workload managed services, database admin services, and Oracle Management Cloud (OMC) for proactive monitoring, ensuring optimal
availability and performance. It also supports Agile Product Lifecyle Management (PLM) and Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) environments.

“Fujitsu took ownership of absolutely everything, which helped ensure a seamless migration. Weekly reviews with top delivery leaders kept us on track,” adds Pillai. “I can honestly say that I have never seen that level of collaboration and accountability with any other vendor during my career.

Scalable, flexible, and always available

OCI, managed by Fujitsu, now forms the bedrock for Daikin Applied America’s operations, with multiple plants now fully supported around the clock. The solution can scale effortlessly to meet demand and Daikin needn’t worry about allocating internal resources to keep things running smoothly. At the same time, proactive monitoring spots issues before they cause problems, always ensuring peak availability.

Following the success of this deployment, Daikin engaged Fujitsu to establish
ServiceNow as its service management platform and introduce service management after the OCI migration. This means that the company is well placed to handle future growth, with new disaster recovery in place to cope with any unforeseen events.

“We can flex up and down as business needs require. We have also been able to redeploy upwards of 20 employees internally since we no longer need to look after infrastructure,” concludes Pillai. “Together with Fujitsu, we have built a collaborative partnership which delivers the results we need to compete and succeed.”

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