Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG

The workplace of the future at headquarters

The Ritter Sport chocolate brand is – quite literally – on the tip of everyone's tongue. Employee satisfaction is a top priority for the manufacturer Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG. Which is why the company relies on the concept of "the workplace of the future" at its Chocolate Headquarters.


Ritter Sport implemented a comprehensive modern workplace concept for its new administration building, known as the "Chocolate Headquarters." The chocolate maker needed ergonomic, advanced desktop technologies that were also flexible to use.


Fujitsu supplied a total of 200 user-friendly monitor arms that were easy to install and flexible to use, making them a perfect fit with the company's "workplace of the future" concept.


  • Extremely stable monitor arms that are intuitive to operate and can be flexibly adapted
  • Easy installation and a wide range of fastening options
  • Increased employee satisfaction at Ritter Sport
The monitor arms from Fujitsu give us a technologically advanced solution for the workplace of the future.

Monika Moltenbrei, IT Service Team Leader, Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG

ergonomic workstations of the future benefit from modern monitor arms

The customer

With approximately 40 kinds of chocolate, Ritter Sport offers the right one for every taste, from classics like milk chocolate to vegan or lactose- and gluten-free varieties. Founded in 1912, the family-owned company currently employs around 1,650 people and earned 505 million euros in revenue in 2021. Ritter Sport's brand awareness in Germany is 99 percent.

Employee satisfaction is a company's greatest asset

Ritter Sport – Quality. Chocolate. Squared. For many years now, consumers have associated this catchy slogan with a high-quality brand of chocolate that comes in
many different varieties. The traditional brand attributes the sustained success of its market position not least to a highly motivated and qualified workforce. Employee satisfaction is a top priority for the manufacturer Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG. Modern workplaces designed according to the latest ergonomic considerations therefore occupy a prominent position in the chocolate manufacturer's company culture.

The SME built its "Chocolate Headquarters" in 2021, a new office building that houses employees in the areas of research and development as well as sales and marketing. According to the company's philosophy, this new building was also to be designed according to the principles of a modern "workplace of the future" concept. "It is a multifunctional building, where space, design and equipment form a functional unit. All employees should be able to use any workstation flexibly," explains Monika Moltenbrei, IT Service Team Leader at Ritter Sport.

Testing the workplace of the future in person and on site

To implement the concept, the people in charge also needed a consistent mix of high-quality and advanced desktop technologies. After attending the trend workshop titled "CLU3+ – Meeting Place: The Workplace of the Future,“ the IT team led by Monika Moltenbrei became aware of Fujitsu's solutions. In collaboration with its cooperation partner Bechtle, Fujitsu then presented a number of different hardware equipment modules on Ritter Sport's premises. For this purpose, they set up a model workstation designed according to aspects of cutting-edge ergonomics in a demonstration room, known as the "Technikum." The employees had the opportunity to test the workstation and offer feedback over the period of one year.

"One key requirement was to hook up two monitors at every workstation in the new building. To do this, we needed to have user-friendly monitor arms that were easy to install and flexible to use," remarks the IT Service team leader. Won over by the entirely positive test results at the model workstation, she decided to go with the "Fujitsu Double Judiciary Display Holder“ solution.

Technologically advanced and ergonomically well-conceived monitor arms

The technicians subsequently installed a total of 200 monitor arms at the Chocolate Headquarters and other administration buildings. "The monitor arms from Fujitsu give us a technologically advanced solution that meets all ergonomic requirements of the workplace of the future par for par," says Monika Moltenbrei. The arms are extremely stable, intuitive to use and can be flexibly adapted to a wide range of user requirements. They are also easy to install with clamps, so that no bore holes are necessary. "Because the monitor arms from Fujitsu have such positive characteristics, we will also use them when we retrofit the old building," the IT Service team leader adds.

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