Leading through optimization and automation

ServiceNow helps Resideo to reduce the number of tickets, automates common tasks and improves workflows


When Resideo was spun out of Honeywell, it faced a strict timeline to extract itself from the latter’s systems. It therefore needed to deploy a new ServiceNow platform quickly and cost-effectively.


Resideo chose ServiceNow Elite Partner, Fujitsu, to handle the deployment as well as the implementation of its ITSM tools. Today, ServiceNow is underpinned by a 24/7 service desk in five languages, covering three global areas: the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific, supporting 13,000 employees in 19 countries.


  • FUJITSU Service Desk
  • FUJITSU Global Delivery Center
We partnered with Fujitsu on our journey to define a new way of acting fast. In the process, we reduced 30% of our IT costs while improving IT performance and engagement globally

Aruna Vasudev IT Leader Resideo

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Resideo is at the forefront of the next wave in consumer technology: the smart, connected home. With a history of creating innovative, reliable solutions, and deeply rooted distribution channels, Resideo’s mission is to provide technology that delivers comfort, security, and simplicity to the places people call home. Resideo is a $4.8 billion business that puts people in charge of their home comfort, safety, security, and energy efficiency, and a top global distributor of security, fire, and low-voltage products.

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  • FUJITSU Service Desk
  • FUJITSU Global Delivery Center

Building an ambitious new venture

Resideo was spun out of industry giant Honeywell in 2018, presenting the exciting new company with some immediate challenges, such as severing itself from existing systems within a very tight timeframe and with a limited budget. If the company failed to disentangle itself from Honeywell’s infrastructure, it faced stiff penalties.

At the same time, Resideo wanted to implement ServiceNow and create a service desk that would serve its own specific needs, rather than those of its former parent company. It needed to find the right technology partner – or ‘digital coach’ – to make these plans a reality, help it transfer the business model, and adapt to new market challenges. Following an evaluation of the market, Resideo chose Fujitsu, a long-time Honeywell partner, which demonstrated deep understanding of the challenges, best practice, and leading tools. Fujitsu’s data-driven approach, which analyzed the existing number of tickets and identified thousands that could swiftly be eliminated, made an instant impression.

Introducing customization and automation

Fujitsu began by synchronizing the deployment of a new suite of ITSM tools with the ServiceNow implementation. The Fujitsu team worked collaboratively with the Resideo team to lift and transform the ServiceNow ITSM installation via a Quick Deploy engagement. The Quick Deploy helped improve the ServiceNow ITSM by customizing and better automating Resideo’s IT and business needs. With the ServiceNow portal established, the FUJITSU Service Desk global team could then perform a seamless transition from the legacy company with two Fujitsu GDC-supported Service Desks in Malaysia and Portugal.

The solution consists of four parts: ServiceNow Licensing, ServiceNow Quick Deploy, Service Desk, and ServiceNow ongoing support and enhancements. These are underpinned by a 24/7 service desk in five languages, covering three global areas: the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Together, they support 13,000 employees in 19 countries.

The Service Desk Go Live was strategically aligned to coincide with the rollout of Resideo’s ServiceNow ITSM tools. The FUJITSU Service Desk and ServiceNow teams closely coordinated efforts throughout the transition to ensure alignment throughout the service setup. This reduced transition timelines, training costs, and potential disruptions that may have otherwise occurred had these deployments occurred independently and with misaligned rollout dates.

Business transformation through optimization

The ServiceNow deployment has had an immediate impact on Resideo’s business, dramatically reducing the number of tickets generated and redirecting them to the service catalog. This was achieved through automating common tasks and optimizing poorly designed workflows, so they can bypass the service desk entirely.

This reduces the burden on the service team and saves money as a result. Further savings were made by Fujitsu leveraging its status as a ServiceNow Elite Partner to provide the best available ServiceNow licensing for Resideo. Fujitsu also identified areas which were unnecessary through data analysis so, for example, Finland, which averaged one ticket per month, was no longer supported as a native language. By aligning the service desk with actual operations, cost savings of 30% were achieved.

Resideo was also able to successfully move out of the parent company on time and on budget while transforming its ServiceNow implementation with an eye to scalability and redundancy. The ServiceNow team proposed an OOB (out-of-the-box) implementation so that Resideo would have fewer future management and maintenance costs. This means the company is well placed to adapt to future demands, while also enabling a seamless transformation as it exited Honeywell.

Resideo was delighted with the success of the project and particularly the fact that Fujitsu brought its top team to the table, providing the same level of customized service that Fortune 100 companies such as Honeywell expect. The company is now poised to embrace its new future as an independent entity with the requisite tools to thrive.

“Resideo is poised to embrace a new future as an independent company post-separation from Honeywell. With our presence in 19 countries supporting 13,000 employees, our IT team was challenged to ensure a seamless transition with minimal impact on our internal and external customers. We partnered with Fujitsu for our journey to define a new way of acting fast. In the process, we reduced 30% of our IT costs while improving IT performance and engagement globally,” concludes Aruna Vasudev, IT Leader, Resideo.

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