Software AG

Optimizing data backup worldwide

Software AG wanted to raise its data backup practices to a new level in all its locations around the world. Fujitsu worked with its strategic partner Commvault to develop and implement a global backup solution that combines on-premise and cloud resources.


Enhancing data security and standardizing backup systems in all locations worldwide by providing a central solution for both on-premise and cloud systems.


Developing and implementing a global backup solution in collaboration with partner Commvault. Consolidating the existing data backup solutions on the Commvault platform.


  • Global, uniform data management platform for the existing system environments
  • Integration of all locations worldwide
  • Central management and standardized data backup processes
Our collaboration with Fujitsu and Commvault is fast, flexible, highly skilled, and always reliable.

Maria Breuing, Director IT Server, Virtualization & DB, Software AG

Around 3 times

faster data backup throughput
than before

About the customer

Software AG has pioneered software in the networked world. Since 1969, the corporation has helped more than 10,000 companies and organizations connect people, enterprises, systems, and devices through software. With the aid of integration and APIs, IoT and analytics, as well as business and IT transformation, Software AG is paving the way for the networked enterprise and ensures an unobstructed flow of data as well as smooth collaboration.

Data security and protection worldwide

Software AG planned to bring the security and protection of its data in locations distributed all over the world to a new level.The goal was to establish a consistent and economically sound backup solution, which was intended to consolidate the existing heterogeneous environments, made up of hybrid on-premise and cloud systems in the individual locations. The solution also needed to maximize flexibility, scalability, and cybersecurity and, not least, take country-specific legal requirements into account.

A strategic partnership

To skillfully meet these requirements, the IT managers at Software AG went looking for an expert partner and issued an invitation to bid at the end of 2020. The company
has maintained a successful business relationship with Fujitsu for many years in the areas of mainframe supply and support. Software AG has also long procured powerful
products from Fujitsu in the client computing devices and data center segments. Based on good experience, and especially on a convincing proof of concept, Software AG brought Fujitsu on board for the pending consolidation project as well. Fujitsu’s many years of strategic collaboration with the data backup specialist Commvault also paid off. The two companies worked closely together to develop and implement a global backup solution that precisely addressed the customer’s special requirements and in doing so was able to prevail over other bidders. Their concept consolidated the existing heterogeneous data backup solutions on a central Commvault platform. The scale-out solution based on the Fujitsu Reference Architecture for Commvault HyperScale X software ensures a secure hybrid backup in six on-premise locations. It also acts as a central storage system for disaster recovery. Commvault supplies Metallic Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) functions for four cloud locations that have no local storage resources. Fujitsu is responsible for project management, hardware and software support, as well as professional services. Software AG generally holds Fujitsu in high regard, not only as a solution provider but also as a service partner.

Central data management and standardized backup processes

The solution is paving the way for central management and standardized data backup processes. Defining and introducing criteria for RPO (recovery point objective) and
RTO (recovery time objective) make it possible to reliably back up data, applications, and systems based on their criticality. Not least, the high deduplication rate facilitates
especially ef ficient storage. “Thanks to our collaboration with Fujitsu and Commvault, we now benefit from a standard global data management platform that seamlessly
integrates ten locations worldwide,” remarks Maria Breuing, Director IT Server, Virtualization & DB at Software AG. Thant Aung, backup administrator at Software AG,
adds, “One advantage of the solution is that we now have multiple copies of data in different locations.” And Thomas Zander, Backup Lead at Software AG, resumes, “By
using LAN-free backup, throughput has tripled.”

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