Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision 2023

Moving towards a regenerative society

Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision (FT&SV) is an evolving story, exploring the future we’d like to create with our customers and partners, how technology can help us achieve this vision and the specific actions needed to make it happen.

To tackle current systemic challenges, it is necessary to build a society that is radically different from the current one. By introducing a circular and regenerative economic model, the environment will be restored, people will live fuller lives, and economies will achieve a sustainable growth within the planetary boundaries.

How can organizations transform their business and what can technology do to realize a regenerative society? FT&SV 2023 explores how sustainability can be integrated into business, describing the different futures that the evolution of technologies will drive and outlining how Fujitsu can help organizations to transform and pursue a collaborative journey towards a regenerative society.

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Three big ideas for this year

1. Sustainability can bring business opportunities

In January 2023, Fujitsu surveyed 1,800 business leaders in nine countries to assess their current business situation and sustainability efforts.

Based on the results of this survey, we present our insights about the impacts of external factors on business, related business opportunities around sustainability, and introduce how we can integrate sustainability with business learning from the practices of sustainability leaders. For example, of the business leaders surveyed, nearly half felt that there is a significant business opportunity in energy consumption.

Business opportunities in sustainability:

  • Contribution to sustainable energy consumption - 49%
  • Reduce waste and promote recycling - 41%
  • Disaster prevention and safety - 28%
  • Response to climate change - 27%

2. Five technology megatrends to watch

How can digital technologies help us realize a regenerative society? We expect the evolution of digital technology to shape a borderless world, by seamlessly converging physical and digital spaces.

In this borderless world, new value will be created in the five key dimensions: Automation, Experience, Innovation, Resilience and Trust. We explore the technology megatrends impacting these five key dimensions as well as Fujitsu's leading-edge technologies to realize our technology vision.

3. Business transformation in action

Sustainability transformation is our most important long-term challenge. What are the first steps we need to take on this transformation journey? How can digital technology help you to integrate sustainability into your business?

Fujitsu is your partner in this process, working together to overcome difficult challenges and build a regenerative society.

We share examples of digital-led sustainability initiatives and customer projects that are helping to solve environmental challenges, improve people’s well-being and develop a digital society for sustainable economic growth. We also explore Fujitsu Uvance, our new business that aims to contribute to a more sustainable society.

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