Key Technologies for Sustainability Transformation

Successful sustainability transformation depends on the right mix of technologies 

Access to a balanced flow of digital innovation is essential to meet new societal demands

Technology is at the heart of Sustainability Transformation. Enabling more with less by improving efficiencies and optimizing processes. A fact backed up by recent Fujitsu sponsored research in which nearly two thirds of business leaders asserted that sustainability transformation will not succeed without significant investment in technology.[1]

Fujitsu Uvance’s Sustainability Transformation solutions are rooted in a discerning choice of five advanced technologies. Each is capable of delivering differentiated business results today – and into the future.

[1] FT Longitude Research sponsored by Fujitsu

Disruption and differentiation: accelerating digital innovation to stay ahead

The only way of preparing for the future is to ensure we are sufficiently resilient to withstand the impact of forces beyond our control; be they economic, environmental, political, or societal. Digital technology is accepted as a means of creating resilience and competitiveness, but it is also hugely disruptive; pushing us to the limits of our knowledge as it evolves at breakneck speed.

Staying one step ahead is vital, particularly when it comes to embracing emerging technologies such as quantum computing and AI. It’s important to consider how you use these technologies to innovate at pace and how you connect and secure them alongside your core estate.

In addition, leadership with a clear technology implementation strategy, standardized processes, and the right mix of tools is required to convert innovative technologies to practical business value.

Fujitsu manages the technology maturity pathway – so you don’t have to

Technologies come and go. Some become the bedrock of future business applications – after a huge amount of R&D and solution development work. Others end up showing less potential than first expected.

Why should you have to take on the challenge and costs of sorting one from the other and managing the winners through to maturity?

Fujitsu quietly handles this complexity for you in the background.

This is how it works. At the R&D level, Fujitsu is consistently working on aspects of the five key technologies that have the potential to become future solutions. As enhancements start to come through, we start to explore future commercialization opportunities, working with key partners and academic institutions. Although these are not initially available as Fujitsu Uvance solutions or other services, interested customers can run PoCs or get involved in co-creation workshops to evaluate the technological fit. The end-point of this process is the launch of focused Fujitsu Uvance solutions for specific sustainability and business needs.

Fujitsu is a trusted technology solutions partner. We remain by your side through every step of your business transformation journey - deploying the right disruptive technologies, with the right maturity levels, to solve the specific challenges within your organization and help you achieve your desired business outcomes.

  • From faster AI-enabled drug discovery to transparent and resilient supply chains, we have ready-to-deploy solutions that leverage key technologies across our Fujitsu Uvance focus areas. 
  • With our co-creating program and human-centric experience design (HXD), we partner with you to achieve specific outcomes based on your strategic needs. Harnessing the power of collaboration to deliver your unique sustainability transformation. 
  • The Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision (FTSV), sets the tone for our long-term R&D focus on these key technologies, aimed at achieving a sustainable future through digital innovation.

Whether you are an innovative organization looking to experiment with our most advanced technologies and deliver future competitive differentiation. Or an early adopter looking for established technology solutions that have been proven to deliver business outcomes. We help you find the right mix of technologies and tools, and manage the technology maturity pathway – so you don’t have to.