Tauernkliniken GmbH

PCs for reliable clinical operations

The Tauern Hospital in Austria needs high-performance IT support to keep the hospital running smoothly. The facilities in Mittersill and Zell am See benefit from powerful hardware equipment and a first-rate WLAN connection with a wide range of PCs, notebooks, and workstations.


The Tauern Hospital needs high-performance PCs and notebooks to provide patients with the best possible care while operating round the clock. These computers must be easy to maintain and ensure optimal WLAN reception.


Fujitsu supplied a total of 750 clients, including 550 ESPRIMO PCs and 200 LIFEBOOK notebooks, as well as 750 displays. The equipment is being used on ward and care trolleys as well as in the nurses’ stations and in the hospital administration.


  • High-quality and high-performance hardware equipment
  • Stable WLAN connectivity in the relevant areas
  • Easy to use, maintenance-friendly, and excellent support
The reliable client solutions from Fujitsu provide optimal IT support for our clinical operations and patient care.

Mario Fersterer, Assistant Director of Infrastructure, Tauernkliniken GmbH

750 clients from Fujitsu ensure stable IT operations at the Tauern Hospital

About the customer

The Tauern Hospital was formed in 2016 when two hospitals in Zell am See and Mittersill in the Pinzgau region of Austria merged. With 370 beds, it provides regional, clinical health care to local residents and their guests. The hospitals are steeped in tradition; the Zell am See facility traces its history back to 1573.

High performance and stable WLAN connectivity needed

As a modern health care center, the Tauern Hospital needs powerful and high-quality IT equipment in its locations in Zell am See as well as Mittersill. This is especially true where PCs, notebooks, and workstations are concerned. The former are used in ward and care trolleys and have to ensure seamless access to patient and other clinical data. The equipment in all areas of the hospital must deliver high performance as well as be easy to use, maintenance-friendly, and provide stable WLAN connectivity.

The Tauern Hospital’s physicians, nurses, and administrative staff found the previous solution unsatisfactory. The desktop computers installed on the ward and care trolleys were outdated and left much to be desired when it came to performance, WLAN reception, and maintenance friendliness. To optimize patient care in round-the-clock operations, the IT managers went looking for a new reliable provider who could fully meet the strict technical requirements.

Complete migration to client solutions from Fujitsu

The Tauern Hospital has enjoyed a successful business relationship with Fujitsu for many years. The all-in-one IT provider had supplied cutting-edge data center technology in the past and developed a storage concept. Because of the trust established, it made sense to bring the proven IT partner on board as a supplier of high-performance client solutions as well. The staff was already using various PCs, workstations, and notebooks from Fujitsu throughout the hospital. Having had such good experience, the hospital then also equipped its ward and care trolleys with powerful ESPRIMO G5011 PCs. Thanks to the reliable technology and high satisfaction, the IT department decided to migrate completely to client solutions from Fujitsu.

The IT partner subsequently also supplied notebooks from the LIFEBOOK E5 series for the medical staff in the nurses’ stations as well as various devices for administrative use. These include LIFEBOOK U7311 and U7511 notebooks, ESPRIMO Q7010 PCs, as well as CELSIUS W5011 workstations. Fujitsu provided a total of around 750 clients, along with the same number of displays.

Maintenance-friendly, long-lasting, robust, and sustainable

“The reliable client solutions from Fujitsu provide optimal IT support for our clinical operations and thus for patient care,” remarks Mario Fersterer, Assistant Director of Infrastructure in the Tauern Hospital. Thanks to the high-performance and stable WLAN reception, the physicians can access patient data without problems from the hospital information system during rounds, for example electronic medical records. The devices are also easy to maintain, stable in operation, long-lasting, and robust.

“Fujitsu won us over with first-rate customer support and equitable personal assistance. When problems arise, the experts of fer solutions quickly and get the machines up and running again,” says Mario Fersterer. Not least, the clients ensure sustainable and resource-conserving IT operations in the Tauern Hospital, thanks to their long service life and high energy efficiency.

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