Getting medicines to market faster

Supporting Pfizer CentreOne’s business growth and speed of innovation by combining Fujitsu consulting expertise and knowledge with Salesforce technology.


Pfizer CentreOne® helps companies bring medicines to market and change the lives of patients. But disconnected and manual processes were preventing the organization from helping their customers to bring new and innovative products to market.


Fujitsu was engaged to increase efficiency through process innovation and automation. The project involved two phases which together provided an open, collaborative approach to designing a solution that would achieve their intended outcomes.


  • Achieve around 60% sales operation efficiency increases through automation
  • Operational excellence through eliminating manual business processes
  • Improved data capture accuracy
Fujitsu people are an absolute delight to work with. They take the time to get to know everybody on the team, and give you the opportunity to get to know them as well. And that’s important to us at Pfizer CentreOne.

Thomas P Wilson, Global Business Development Lead, Pfizer CentreOne

About the customer

Pfizer CentreOne is a global Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) backed by Pfizer resources and a leading supplier of specialty APIs andintermediates. Specializing in the development and manufacture of small molecule APIs, large molecule biologics, oral solids and sterile injectables, Pfizer CentreOne use compelling science and years of experience to help deliver breakthroughs that change patients’ lives.

Advancing drug development, market launch and commercial supply

Pfizer CentreOne is Pfizer’s integrated Contract Development Manufacturing Organization. They are responsible for helping other companies bring their products to market. This involves leveraging Pfizer’s manufacturing capabilities on behalf of other companies to be able to produce their products.

Pfizer CentreOne’s legacy processes were leading to a risk of losing business. As Thomas P Wilson, Global Business Development Lead explains: “Pfizer as a whole is a huge organization, so making fast decisions can be dif ficult with a long approval process. We were in a marketplace where our objective is to respond to an opportunity within 14 calendar days. But it was taking us 30 to 40 days. This is a real challenge because it prevented us from making our capabilities available to make more medicines for patients.”

Bringing business and technical consultancy services

Pfizer CentreOne needed a partner to provide business and technical advisory services to streamline processes. The aim was to support business growth and innovation advancements by combining Fujitsu consulting expertise and knowledge with Salesforce technology. Tom Wilson explains: “Fujitsu brought to us a model, a way of working withus that we thought made sense. It was a very fact based process, but it was overlaid with a cultural understanding and based around figuring out what was possible within Pfizer.”

Delivering breakthroughs that change patients’ lives

Fujitsu was engaged to increase efficiency through process innovation and automation. The project involved two phases: a technology agnostic business transformation utilizing Fujitsu’s Rapid Process Improvements Workshops (RPIW) to identify operational inefficiencies and design the model to achieve a sixty percent reduction in Pfizer CentreOne’s RFP response times to their customers.

As Tom Wilson explains: “Our expectation is to get to 14 calendar days, ten business days. All told, we have achieved around 60% sales operation efficiency increases through process innovation and automation. We have eliminated manual business processes and improved the accuracy of data capture. We now have enhanced visibility andgovernance because we can digitally track the progress as proposals are generated. We can provide our leadership with a consolidated dashboard view of proposal release velocity and compliance.”

After this was complete, a Salesforce design solution to realize their transformation objectives was undertaken encompassing user journey modeling, business process automation design and the streamlining of technology. Key to the success of this transformation was a focus on pragmatic and measurable business outcomes combined with Fujitsu’s alignment with Pfizer’s cultural philosophy for managing their business and customers. This provided an open, collaborative approach to designing a solution that would achieve their intended outcomes.

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