CeramTec GmbH

Complex SAP infrastructure: Tested and validated

To prepare for future challenges and planned SAP HANA® projects, CeramTec gained a detailed overview of the current status and performance of its SAP infrastructure with help from Fujitsu. The system assessment revealed outstanding figures. The company's SAP landscape is already well prepared for the future.


CeramTec needed to gain an overview of the current status and performance of its SAP® infrastructure.


  • FUJITSU SystemInspection Service for SAP Solutions
  • PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes and PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA®
FUJITSU SystemInspection Service for SAP Solutions gave us a meaningful overall picture of our SAP infrastructure.

Alexander Ott, Head of IT Operations, CeramTec GmbH

99 Percent

"good" or "medium": The dialog step quality proves the optimum overall status of the SAP landscape.

About the customer

CeramTec is a leading international manufacturer of industrial ceramic, specializing in the development, production and sale of structural elements, components and products made from ceramic materials. High-performance ceramic from CeramTec is used in the automobile industry, electronics, energy technology and environmental engineering, equipment and machine manufacturing, medical technology and many other applications.

A satisfied FlexFrame customer of many years' standing

CeramTec GmbH has been using the FlexFrame architecture from Fujitsu successfully since 2007 and is thus one of the first users of this innovative technology. As the FlexFrame Orchestrator management software, it forms the basis for the integrated PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes portfolio. With the recently installed PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes and PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA components, the company now relies on the fourth-generation FlexFrame Orchestrator from Fujitsu. CeramTec intended to make its complex SAP® infrastructure ready for future challenges. This infrastructure consists of approximately 40 multilayer systems with around 2,600 users spread out across various time zones. The architecture was also to be prepared for the productive introduction of S/4HANA, planned for 2025. IT Management therefore needed to gain a detailed overview of the current status of their SAP landscape. "We wanted to get a sense of our systems' technical performance and actual utilization. We needed to track down and identify possible vulnerabilities," says Alexander Ott, head of IT Operations at CeramTec, describing the initial situation.

Detailed inventory of all SAP systems

CeramTec's IT managers decided to hire Fujitsu to assess the system, based on the long-time working relationship between the two companies and on the successful use of the proven FlexFrame architecture. "We learned about FUJITSU SystemInspection Service for SAP Solutions as well as its benefits at the Fujitsu Forum on November 6, 2019. We were convinced that this service package would fully address our objective," Alexander Ott remembers. Fujitsu experts drew up a detailed inventory of all existing SAP systems. They listed all operating system versions, databases, kernel and patch levels as well as other system components. The current performance parameters were also measured and checked, including an in-depth analysis of possible error sources and resource bottlenecks. All processes run in the background without impairing the current system performance. During the measurement, it turned out that 20 percent of the system resources are currently being used, so that increasing loads can be captured without problems.

SAP landscape well prepared for the future

The inspection showed that CeramTec's SAP landscape is in excellent shape, which was also confirmed by the dialog step quality defined by Fujitsu. With a "good" response time of more than 99 percent, this indicator demonstrates that the SAP environment has a significantly high performance and thus an optimum overall status. "FUJITSU System Inspection Service for SAP Solutions gave us a meaningful overall picture of our SAP infrastructure. We now know that we are fully prepared for the future in terms of technology and have sufficient capacities for the challenges of digitalization. This finding also avoids expensive over-dimensioning," says the IT expert. SystemInspection Service is also part of Fujitsu's data-driven transformation strategy, which provides for a comprehensive SAP-specific service package made up of high performance hardware, integrating platform technology and expert consulting. Alexander Ott backs this up. "Thanks to Fujitsu, we benefit from the reliable FlexFrame architecture as well as continuous, quality support from experienced project teams. And we get this over the course of many years, which is reflected in our long-lasting business relationship."

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