Building a futureproof ServiceNow environment

Centrica’s ServiceNow® platform had become hindered by years of customisation, which made management and maintenance time-consuming and expensive. Simple upgrades would take months to complete. Centrica engaged Fujitsu to overhaul the platform and rebuild a fresh instance from scratch. The result is an easy-to-manage platform built on best practice processes, reducing change request approvals, improving employee experience for future business transformation.


Centrica’s ServiceNow platform had become complicated by years of customisation, which made management and maintenance time-consuming and expensive. Upgrades could take months and required significant development skills. The company wanted to overhaul the platform and needed to find the right partner.


Following an RFP, Centrica selected long-term strategic partner, Fujitsu, to rebuild an entirely fresh instance of ServiceNow from the ground-up, including ServiceNow ITSM tools as well as ServiceNow SecOps, ServiceNow ITOM, ServiceNow Cloud Catalogue and ServiceNow HR.


  • Management and maintenance costs have reduced significantly
  • Upgrades can be performed in days rather than months
  • Internal processes have been streamlined for faster resolution
  • Change request approvals have been reduced from 60 hours to just four
  • Virtual agents drive calls and costs down
  • Easier to track, report and log activity
  • A platform that can grow with Centrica and support wider business transformation
Fujitsu’s expertise and strategic Centrica partnership allowed us to collaborate and build a simplified platform, enabling future success together.

Raj Oza, Head of ITSM, Centrica


global users rely on
Centrica’s ServiceNow platform

About the customer

Centrica’s 24,000 employees, including 10,000 engineers and technicians, supply energy and services to over 25 million customers in the UK, Ireland and North America through its brands; British Gas and Bord Gáis. It develops innovative solutions like Hive to reflect the increasing importance of technology in energy and services delivery to contribute to a more sustainable world. Centrica takes this responsibility very seriously and wants to accelerate the positive impact it has in society and on the environment

Costly and time-consuming customization

Centrica had been using ServiceNow for over ten years to predominately handle its service management requirements, however, the platform had become highly-customised, making it expensive to maintain and upgrade. A typical upgrade might take up to four months to complete.

The high level of customisation meant Centrica could no longer take advantage of new functionality because of incompatibility with the platform and processes. It was becoming more difficult for Centrica to consider how it could benefit from the platform’s wider business transformation capabilities. When Centrica realised its instance of ServiceNow was holding it back from supporting its digital transformation, it decided to overhaul the platform.

“We were an early adopter of ServiceNow and had it installed before best practice guidelines had been properly established,” explains Raj Oza, Head of ITSM, Centrica. “This made upgrading the system costly and time-consuming. We use ServiceNow across the business and not just as an ITSM tool so refreshing the solution was a priority.”

Refreshing from the ground-up

Centrica issued an RFP and found that Fujitsu demonstrated a strong grasp of its vision and objectives. It recommended rebuilding a fresh instance of ServiceNow, avoiding ustomisation. Fujitsu outlined the implementation plan, centred on a series of agile sprints based on workshops, and led the end-to-end design, scope, development, testing and release strategy.

Fujitsu captured over 1,000 individual user stories and configured the platform to meet those user requirements. Centrica’s 24,000+ users and 4,000+ technical users now enjoy easier access to the full suite of ServiceNow ITSM tools as well as ServiceNow SecOps, ServiceNow ITOM, ServiceNow Cloud Catalogue and ServiceNow HR, making them more productive.

“This time we adhered to simplified configuration and processes, so we weren’t hindered by customisation,” adds Raj. “Fujitsu had expert knowledge of ServiceNow, and collaboratively we followed joint design principles to ensure we created a platform that can grow and evolve to help manage our costs and support our businesses transformation.”

Faster and more flexible

Centrica has seen an immediate change in the pace of adjustments and upgrades on the new platform – from months to days. For example, enabling event management and integrating with AppDynamics was a simple plug-and-play operation rather than months of complex development. The company is more agile and responsive while freeing up internal resources through the collaborative DevOps support team now being in-place, leading to huge cost savings.

Also, internal processes have been streamlined: approvals on change requests have reduced from up to 60 hours to a maximum of four, plus removing over 100 custom fields from the incident process. Centrica and Fujitsu are also introducing virtual agents to drive calls and costs down.

“Everything is much easier to manage and maintain with upgrades being carried out in days, and with a significant reduction in effort. It is easier to track, report and log activity,” concludes Raj. “Fujitsu worked incredibly hard and provided the support we needed to ensure this project was a success. We were so impressed by Fujitsu’s performance that we also offered it the ServiceNow support contract.”

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