Aerospace company

Improved performance through cloud migration

Moving this aerospace company’s executive and defense infrastructure to the cloud would make it more agile and improve performance, but it needed a clear view of the risks and benefits. It engaged Fujitsu to assess its environment and to migrate 121 virtual machines, 102 Oracle databases, and eight SAP® HANA databases to the cloud. The result is a stable environment with increased performance, reduced costs, improved monitoring, and enhanced scalability.


This aerospace company was considering migrating critical IT infrastructure to the cloud and needed expert guidance. It engaged Fujitsu to undertake a data-driven assessment and then full migration.


  • Fujitsu migrated 121 virtual machines, 102 Oracle databases, and eight SAP HANA databases to Azure East public cloud and Azure GOV cloud.


  • Improved agility and performance
  • Significantly reduced the running costs and total cost of ownership
  • Seamless scaling up and down of the environment
  • Easier to use and maintain
We made major transformations in a very short window of time with great results.

IT Service Delivery Manager, Aerospace Company

6 months

to complete the migration

  • Industry: Aerospace
  • Location: Worldwide
  • People: 15,000+

About the customer

This global aerospace company has businesses in commercial and executive aviation, defense, and security. The company designs, develops, manufactures, and markets aircraft and systems, while also providing customer support and services

Considering the cloud

This global aerospace company wanted to modernize its executive and defense infrastructure and become more agile and productive. The company knew that moving its executive and defense environment to the cloud could help meet these objectives, however, it needed a clear, comprehensive view of the risks and benefits of migrating to the public and government cloud.

The company explored the market to find a partner that could assess the relevant workloads and ascertain whether it would be a sensible move in terms of performance and economics. The migration itself posed several challenges: the timeframe had been compressed to just six months and there was a considerable amount of workloads, applications, and data to be transitioned.

Migrate to Azure

Fujitsu America’s team conducted a thorough assessment of the company’s infrastructure and then developed a business case outlining why migrating the complex, business-critical SAP and non-SAP environment to Microsoft Azure would lead to lower costs and increased control.

Fujitsu both carefully transitioned existing SAP and non-SAP systems using Lift and Shift and the new Greenfield components build. In total, 121 virtual machines (including the company’s suite on HANA, MES, Oracle Fusion, JBoss, and Control-M), 102 Oracle databases, and eight SAP HANA databases were migrated over the course of six months. Some of the critical phases of this activity, including application assessments, cloud and network design, sandbox, development, quality assurance, and production took place during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, entailing much more careful planning and remote execution. Using native Microsoft Azure tools helped keep costs low and the project on time, while Fujitsu now also provides a suite of managed services on top of the cloud platform.

“We made major transformations in a very short window of time with great results,” explains the IT Service Delivery Manager at the aerospace company

Improved performance, lower costs  

By migrating the executive and defense infrastructure of the workload to Azure East and GOV cloud, users are enjoying an improved experience, which translates into increased productivity and reduced user frustration. It can also seamlessly scale up and down according to demand and the company only pays for the capacity it uses, making it more agile and responsive.

Furthermore, by eliminating the need for costly hardware and maintenance, the company is driving down costs and reducing the total cost of ownership. And, when it comes to maintenance, it is much simpler and less time-consuming. Not only is it easier to configure and manage, it is also easier for users to navigate.

“Fujitsu has shown us over the past five years that it is a top-notch and top-tier service provider. I am very comfortable recommending them to others,” concludes the IT Service Delivery Manager. “Hands down, interaction and responses have always been according to our contract, and more importantly Fujitsu supports us above and beyond. It’s an amazing team.”

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