Consistent employee experience regardless of location

Robeco knew that to attract and retain the brightest talent, it had to create an employee
experience where everyone could be creative and add value to their roles while remaining
productive and collaborative in line with Robeco’s goals. Working with a partner with local
presence and global reach delivered a next-generation digital workplace which exceeded
employee expectations.  


To provide employees with a supported, secure, and modern workplace experience that enables exceptional productivity and collaboration so Robeco’s goals can be achieved.


  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Managed Desktop
  • Customer Experience Center
  • Change and adoption programs
  • XLA-based service


  • Consistent employee experience, regardless
    of work location, enabling global mobility
  • Increased user satisfaction due to remote
    support services
  • Highly secure, and easy-to-use workplace,
    reducing the risk of a data breach
Fujitsu had the flexibility and customer intimacy we were looking for, so it was the natural choice.

Johan Sturm, Head of Continuity & Stability, Robeco

8 / 10

increased employee
satisfaction level

About the customer

Robeco is an international asset manager offering an extensive range of active investments. Research lies at the heart of the company, with a ‘pioneering but cautious’ approach since its foundation in 1929. It believes strongly in sustainability, investing in quantitative techniques, and constant innovation. The company has a global footprint, with its head office in Rotterdam, as well as offices in Europe, United States, the Middle East, Australia, and Asia.

The right balance between global scope and local presence

Robeco’s ambition was to establish a state-of-the-art and always up-to-date workplace solution, supporting secure working whenever and wherever. It needed to find the right balance between global scope and local presence. “Fujitsu came out on top with its ‘small enough to care; big enough to deliver’ message and its clear ability to support our global operations,” explains Johan Sturm, Head of Continuity & Stability at Robeco. “Fujitsu had the flexibility and customer intimacy we were looking for, so it was the natural choice. It also had demonstrable experience in deploying the Microsoft tools we needed for other clients.”

First Microsoft Managed Desktop implementation in Benelux

Since 2016, Fujitsu has provided Robeco’s users with modern hardware, and a continually updated digital workplace from the FUJITSU Work Life Shift portfolio, based on global standards and the latest Microsoft technology. Microsoft Managed Desktop (including Windows 10 managed by Intune, and Office 365) enables a secure and up-to-date workplace. Teams with integrated telephony and call center services can work anywhere, anytime, stimulating collaboration. By giving users the ability to work more effectively together, business outcomes inevitably improve. A controlled workplace offers all required software via the Microsoft Store or company portal. This provides the user the ability to work efficiently within the security framework of Robeco.

The workplace is underpinned by a managed infrastructure hosted on a private or Azure cloud or based on PaaS or SaaS. Security services, network services, service integration, and cross-functional processes are based on ITIL methodologies giving Robeco a robust delivery framework. The delivered security services are Endpoint protection, server management, network management, and cloud management.

Available 24x7, Fujitsu’s Customer Experience Center provides Robeco’s users with a single point of support, using self-service, service desk, onsite, and remote facilities. This has reduced employee downtime. Change and adoption programs are used to help drive productivity and increase the employee experience. Fujitsu’s workplace service is based on experience level agreement (XLA), where user satisfaction is a main critical performance indicator.

Innovation positively influences end-user satisfaction

“We have the ‘anytime, anywhere’ global capability that the modern business requires, which is vital to users who travel between offices,” continues Sturm. “Due to the pandemic most employees are working at home, but they all still have a uniform employee experience.” This ensures services are globally available and guarantees a consistent workplace is rolled out to Robeco’s international employees.

Fujitsu organizes innovation sessions to exchange the latest technology developments and how they can be adopted within Robeco. Consequently Robeco is now seeing lots of innovative projects relating to business applications arise as a direct result of the improved collaboration. It can deliver more success to its clients and offer new and exciting services.

“We regularly monitor employee satisfaction levels and while they used to be 6.7 out of 10, we now anticipate it being much closer to 8 out of 10. Happier employees tend to be more productive,” concludes Sturm. “Fujitsu has proven to be responsive, flexible, and connected to the business. As long as we continue to have end-user satisfaction top of mind, we’re sure of success for now and in the future.”

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