LCL Data Centers

Introducing ID innovation

LCL’s customers need access to their infrastructure around the clock. The company therefore wanted to introduce a biometric ID solution and selected Fujitsu PalmSecure hardware, which uses unique vein patterns to ID visitors. It is faster, more secure, and more convenient than the alternatives. As a result, customers never have to wait and can enter the data center whenever they require without using the traditional security kiosk and ID card approach.


Using physical ID and verification can be time- consuming. LCL wanted to upgrade its traditional badge ID and introduce a more secure and faster way to verify visitors.


Biometrical Control Software, built by Perfect-ID, based on Fujitsu PalmSecure sensors, tightly integrated with LCL’s existing security and access control systems


  • Provides fast, convenient, and secure access to critical infrastructure
  • Integrates seamlessly with access control system via Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Customers can register in just one minute
Fingerprints are not easy to use or reliable, iris recognition is impractical and cumbersome; but we were amazed at the balanced cost and high accuracy of PalmSecure.

Laurens van Reijen, CEO, LCL


carriers provide data connections to five LCL data centers

About the customer

LCL is a progressive data center and colocation company, which has invested in a secure environment for the outsourced data of its customers. It operates five independent data centers in Belgium, where a range of telecom operators, companies, service providers, and government institutions maintain their ICT infrastructure. Customer intimacy is the company strategy; this means understanding and anticipating the customer needs.

Making data centers more secure

As a leading provider of outsourced data center solutions, security is paramount for LCL. Using the traditional security kiosk and ID card approach was fine up to a point, but then it became too time-consuming. For example, customers from outside Belgium could not use the card ID and had to sign in manually. This caused frustration and was impractical.

LCL wanted to find a fast and accurate biometric ID platform that would enable the safe entry of the hundreds of customers that visit its premises around the clock. Moreover, it wanted to ensure that the company would comply with ISO standards for secure outsourcing.

“We wanted to automate the system and get away from having to give your name to the guard or receptionist, making the process more modern and convenient for customers and our employees alike,” explains Laurens van Reijen, CEO at LCL. “We needed a biometric solution that would work in tandem with the ID card to provide unbreakable two-factor authentication.”

Integrating with access control

LCL engaged Fujitsu partner Perfect-ID to create a Biometrical Control Software, based on Fujitsu PalmSecure sensors, closely integrated with the existing security and access systems. PalmSecure is a contactless, non-intrusive, and highly accurate biometric ID solution which identifies unique vein patterns beneath the palm in microseconds.

Now, customers take just one minute to register their palm with the system and link to their credentials, and then they can simply access their infrastructure whenever they need to. For the 300+ people that regularly visit each data center, this makes their lives much easier as they can gain admittance in seconds without fuss.

“Fingerprints are not easy to use or reliable, iris recognition is impractical and cumbersome, so we got in touch with Fujitsu, asked for a demo and were amazed at the balanced cost and high accuracy of PalmSecure,” adds van Reijen. “We used an API to integrate with our backend and now have two devices at four of our five data centers.”

At the forefront of innovation

Fujitsu PalmSecure gives LCL the gold standard in biometric identification: fast, convenient, innovative, and secure.

LCL customers are delighted with the new ID system, with some even requesting PalmSecure for access to their own internal client rooms, which will be the next step in the deployment. It is all part of LCL’s commitment to lead the industry in innovation and security.

“We strive to innovate across our business; it is in our DNA, as is ensuring we are always heavily focused on our customers. This solution underlines both: if a customer has a problem with their server and storage, they need access instantly without waiting for a guard to grant access and we can ensure that through innovation,” concludes van Reijen. “PalmSecure is the equivalent of the ePass queues at the airport – speedy and simple.”

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