Growth through efficient IT automation

IT.Niedersachsen is the central IT service provider for the government of the German State of Lower Saxony, serving approximately 100,000 users. In taking on support for the Lower Saxony Police and its roughly 19,000 workstations, it was clear that solutions would be urgently needed for digitizing, automating and orchestrating the support processes. Fujitsu got on board with its Data Center Management and Automation (DCMA) portfolio.

The challenge

The growing number of workstations to be managed required a scalable solution for automating the processes.

The solution

DCMA consulting for architecture, implementation and orchestration.

Thanks to Fujitsu's automation experts, we can efficiently operate more than 30,000 terminals.

Michael Idahl, Head of the Applications and Specialized Procedures Department, IT.Niedersachsen


people manage more than 30,000 clients.

The customer

IT.Niedersachsen is the central IT service provider for the government of the German state of Lower Saxony as well as a portion of the municipalities. More than 1,000 employees manage key IT components for more than 100,000 users as well as more than 30,000 workstations. As a full-service provider, IT.Niedersachsen offers network infrastructure, data centers, desktop management, solution consulting and operation as well as security and IT services.

Continuous growth, new tasks

One of the duties that IT.Niedersachsen handles is to roll out and manage customer-specific clients. These include the police client (PoC), the Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) client (NiC) for the state government as well as clients for the State Office of Geographical Information and Regional Surveying (GeoNiC). "By the time we had decided to also support the police and thus another 19,000 clients, it was clear that we would reach our limits even with additional personnel," remembers Michael Idahl, Head of the Applications and Specialized Procedures Department at IT.Niedersachsen. The degree of automation of the underlying system landscapes was simply not designed for this monumental task. Idahl's team therefore faced the challenge of standardizing, automating and orchestrating processes so that they could be scaled more flexibly in the future in order to also serve other government agencies.

Fujitsu got on board with its Data Center Management and Automation (DCMA) portfolio and assisted IT.Niedersachsen in developing a future-viable solution for the service desk and support processes. The first step was to analyze and model processes independently of IT and across locations, departments and agencies, using BPMN 2.0. This was accompanied by an extensive market sounding. The project partners decided to go with the process automation technology from CA, a Broadcom Company, since it is easy to scale and offers integration interfaces to the service management systems already in productive use.

Co-creation for process automation

In close collaboration, Fujitsu's experts set up the new architecture with a view toward future requirements. They modeled standardized end-to-end business processes for each agency and requirement, including approvals, order management, configuration management, Active Directory, CMDB, delivery and installation on site as well as maintenance and life cycle management. After introducing CA Process Automation, they also implemented the previously modeled processes in the system from a technical perspective. The service desk provides suitable processes for each agency in a central, easy-to-use catalog in the service portal. More than 130,000 orders per year are currently received in the portal and initiated and processed via the process automation system. This results in more than 880,000 workflows and process instances, which are automatically processed and orchestrated by the solution.

"The rigorous process automation enables us to efficiently operate more than 30,000 terminals. We were able to significantly speed up the individual processes and increase productivity overall, while simultaneously lowering our process costs. This is an enormous success," says a pleased Michael Idahl.

He adds, "Throughout the entire project, we benefited from Fujitsu's many years of experience with data center management and automation as well as the long-standing partnership with the manufacturer CA. In particular, we like the fact that Fujitsu supports the entire value chain and also provides support in German for the complete solution portfolio." 

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