Modernizing collaboration tools securely

VTT issued an RFP to manage its ICT infrastructure and selected Fujitsu as its strategic partner, extending their 15-year relationship. Fujitsu now has responsibility for an extensive ICT support contract, encompassing a range of digital technology services, such as the next stage of VTT’s Microsoft 365 deployment. Fujitsu also oversees the entire hybrid ICT infrastructure from a state-of-the-art security operations center (SOC) in Finland.


VTT wanted to modernize its ICT infrastructure by migrating key services to the cloud.


  • Manage VTT’s hybrid infrastructure and SOC services
  • Introduce modern collaboration solutions in a secure way


  • Boosted user awareness of new collaboration tools
  • Improved productivity and employee satisfaction
  • Increased availability and reliability of cloud services
  • Encouraged flexible working through secure remote access
  • Tracked changes and their impact with proactive support.
Fujitsu offers a proactive and responsive  approach, which combines a great local  presence here in Finland with global resources.

Harri Kivimaa, Head of End User Services, VTT


years VTT has partnered
with Fujitsu  

About the customer

VTT is a globally networked, multi-technological, applied research organization, which provides high-end technology solutions and innovation services. It enhances its customers’ competitiveness as well as society’s sustainable development, employment, and wellbeing. Research is  guided by the company’s lighthouse themes: climate action, resource sufficiency, good life, safety and security, and industrial renewal.

Plotting a course for the cloud

Historically, VTT relied on disparate IT systems across different business units, with scientists and researchers often investing in applications without aligning with the IT department. The organization wanted to introduce easier governance and control with enhanced harmonization. VTT wanted to take advantage of existing investments in Microsoft 365, raise employee awareness of new collaboration tools, and help them adopt new ways of working.

VTT has engaged Fujitsu as a strategic IT partner for over 15 years and when the contract came up for renewal in 2019, it was the perfect time to ensure these new objectives were met. Migrating certain key services to the cloud was also an important consideration.

“Previously, our services were hosted on-premise, however this did not offer the flexibility of cloud-hosted service. In our industry, collaboration is essential, and we hoped moving to the cloud would enable collaboration anywhere, from any device,” explains Harri Kivimaa, Head of End User Services, VTT. “We issued an RFP for a partner when the Fujitsu contract expired, and Fujitsu won based on its understanding of our business and the quality of its professionals.”

Availability and security

Under the new agreement, Fujitsu will manage the research organization’s hybrid infrastructure, ensuring VTT’s business-critical applications are always up and running. Fujitsu will manage workstation support and the migration to Windows 10 for around 2,100 VTT employees, as well as the ongoing support for the Microsoft Office 365 Suite.

VTT is investing significantly in improving its cybersecurity. Fujitsu oversees the entire ICT infrastructure from a state-of-the-art security operations center in Finland. Data collected 24/7 by security information and event management-based systems helps identify and mitigate potential risks or threats.

“It’s a flexible agreement so we can add technologies whenever we need to. We have migrated our email to the cloud and introduced SharePoint and Teams to turbocharge collaboration,” adds Kivimaa. “We are also upgrading to Microsoft 365 apps so we will have an evergreen platform for office tools.”

Continuous collaboration

VTT now has a futureproof platform for collaboration, making communications between colleagues and customers much faster. This not only makes employees more productive; it also increases job satisfaction and leads to new innovations. VTT enjoys built-in security, including identity services, data loss prevention, encryption, and malware protection, so users can make the most of modern collaboration tools.

It has a continually evolving partnership with Fujitsu, which embraces new technologies as they arrive, such as replacing conventional physical back-ups with Microsoft OneDrive. This helps maximize the value the organization derives from its Microsoft license investment. Fujitsu also provides training and service desk to support users.

“We task Fujitsu with specific projects from management and research, and it delivers. The Fujitsu team often brings us new features, ideas, and projects to consider,” concludes Kivimaa. “Fujitsu offers a proactive, responsive, and professional approach, which combines a great local presence here in Finland with global resources.”

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