Hong Kong Public Sector organization

Hyper-converged route to future growth

Fujitsu helped a public sector customer in Hong Kong modernize and simplify its siloed IT operations with a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solution from Nutanix, which uses a certified FUJITSU PRIMERGY Server.


To contribute to Hong Kong’s Smart City development. In anticipation of future growth, the customer wanted to stop spending resources on repetitive IT management, as well as handling failures in its fragmented IT system. Comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions were also needed to safeguard confidential data


Fujitsu provided a total solution covering migration to private cloud, encryption, backup, and monitoring, underpinned by a HCI solution from Nutanix running on a certified FUJITSU PRIMERGY Server.


  • Significant cost savings
  • Extremely flexible and scalable hyper-converged infrastructure
  • Simple one-click management
  • Enhanced security and reliability
  • Free up resources and time for higher-value work and transformation
Fujitsu is a trusted partner on our journey toward modernized and scalable IT operations, powered by a hyper-converged infrastructure and automation

IT director, Hong Kong public sector department


integrated monitoring and support service

  • Industry: Public sector
  • Location: Hong Kong
  • People: 4,700+

About the customer

Faced with a growing volume of data and increasingly complex tasks, this public sector customer saw the need to accelerate its digitalization by addressing cost and resource issues stemming from its siloed IT infrastructure. The lack of complete backup and disaster recovery solutions also posed serious operational and security risks since the customer had to handle and store large amounts of proprietary and confidential data.

HCI for business continuity and risk aversion

In this digital age, speed and efficiency are no longer the only measures of business success. From an IT perspective, internal users expect these attributes to be inherent in their IT operations – and they continue to raise the bar. Fujitsu’s customer, a department of more than 4,700 staff within a large public sector organization, realized that its IT infrastructure had grown to an unmanageable size and structure. Not only were precious time and resources spent on managing simple day-to-day operations and handling system failures, but the customer also felt unprepared for potential security incidents, since its department was tasked with handling and storing increasingly large amounts of proprietary and confidential data. It also needed a flexible IT infrastructure to enable fast-paced application innovation – a necessity for success in today’s dynamic business environment.

The customer understood that cloud and security were the crucial foundations for business continuity and averting risks. Drawn in by Fujitsu’s decades-long industry expertise, high-performance servers, and robust ecosystem of partners, the customer asked it to suggest a sustainable solution.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud on FUJITSU PRIMERGY Server

Fujitsu first sought to understand the customer’s needs and objectives. After a thorough consultation process, a comprehensive solution was suggested to guide the customer’s journey from solution design and virtual machine migration to implementation and managed services.

The project began by implementing 11 nodes of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud on FUJITSU PRIMERGY Server together with a mix of hybrid (SSD and HDD) and All-Flash (all SSD) servers in the same HCI cluster. This increased the infrastructure’s flexibility and capability of serving various day-to-day workloads from different teams. Based on a ‘pay as you grow’ model, this truly flexible and scalable solution was achieved by simply adding to the customer’s existing IT infrastructure, making it extremely easy to scale up in response to future workload demands. 

Centralized management for improved monitoring

A powerful benefit of HCI is the enablement of centralized management and identical operations across production and disaster recovery sites, giving even the most risk-adverse customers total peace of mind. By centralizing IT management, the customer was able to improve monitoring of virtualization and applications, and subsequently simplify and automate selected applications and operations. The streamlined IT infrastructure and operations also meant greater control and visibility over the applications and resources in use.

Enhanced security and reliability

Prior to engaging Fujitsu, the customer did not have an established approach to system backup. Disaster recovery was also an overwhelmingly challenging task due to its siloed IT infrastructure. Fujitsu helped the customer implement reliable solutions for fast backup and restore, together with secured offline tape copies. Hybrid servers with native virtual machine replication were installed at another physical location – this ever-ready disaster recovery site comes into operation whenever service interruption occurs at the production site.

To ensure the customer could meet its wider organization’s stringent requirements for data storage, Fujitsu’s security experts assisted with the integration of a field-proven data-at-rest encryption and key separation design across all data centers, clouds, containers, and virtual environments

All-around support facilitated by HCI partner

Together with Nutanix, Fujitsu’s managed services team offered centralized and integrated 24x7 monitoring and support service, covering all aspects from hardware, hypervisors, and virtual machines to applications. A single point of contact for managed services made it extremely easy and convenient for the customer.

Future-proof data growth and new workloads

Thanks to the modernized and simplified IT infrastructure and operations, the customer was finally able to free up time and resources to prepare for future growth in terms of data volume, workforce size, and workload complexity. With a more resilient, reliable, and agile IT environment, the customer also felt empowered to embrace new ways of working and modern workplace trends such as remote working. Building on the solid foundations of HCI, the customer is now working with Fujitsu to further transform its IT operations and expand capabilities.

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