Fujitsu Web3 Acceleration Platform

Getting together for creating new value with our cutting-edge technologies and accumulated know-how in Web3 to design Distributed Social Systems.

A rapidly changing and uncertain society causes a lot of fragmentation. It is getting difficult to solve the issues only by some people focusing on the limited area. Our ambition is to design a society where individuals and companies bring their wisdom and trust each other to face challenges, and continue to autonomously create value that is truly needed in the world.

In order to achieve this, Fujitsu will provide computing as "COMMONS" which enables people to connect relievedly and create more options, and will lead co-creation community activities.

A society that encourages individuals and companies to co-create new value-added solutions through mutual contributions in a decentralized community

Connect everything through Trust by assuring each identity and action.

Provide more options through identifying the useful information from the reliable source of data.

Enable the decision-making process in a safe and secure community where individuals and companies interact.

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Fujitsu Offers
the "Web3 Acceleration Platform"

Based on these three themes, Fujitsu provides the service APIs for trust, blockchain and the expertise for advanced computing technologies through co-creation activities.

Web3 Acceleration Platform Components

We provide service APIs including “HPC”, “Digital Annealer”, and “Data e-TRUST” on “Computing as a Service (CaaS)”.

We make it possible to provide various options to solve problems through simulations and optimizations based on reliable data.

We launch our company’s own Web3 Blockchain Technology on CaaS.

Fujitsu's technology behind the Web3 Acceleration Platform

"Data e-TRUST" accelerates secure and reliable data exchange and utilization between different services and between individual users and businesses by granting trust to data. Leveraging Fujitsu’s proprietary IDYX and CDL technologies, this service enables tamper-proof management of data trails including the proof of origin, ownership, and authenticity of data. Also, we have functions of electronic certificate credentials, e-seal, Token, etc.

*IDYX: IDentitY eXchange is a technology that guarantees "Data sharing trust", which is to safely distribute digital IDs such as distributed attribute information.

*CDL: Chain Data Lineage is a technology that guarantees "Data own trust". Scalable ledger ensures end-to-end traceability of data and things.