Fujitsu Computing Technologies

High-performance computing that enables data-driven discovery

Fujitsu meets the demand for ever-increasing access to the fastest supercomputers and the new world of quantum logic

As society becomes more complex, technology offers an intriguing paradox.

On the one hand, the challenges we face are mushrooming in scale. In a world of 8 billion people, the impact of shock pandemics and natural disasters, such as tsunamis, looks unmanageable.

On the other, computers are advancing so rapidly that we might actually be able to deal with or even overtake that complexity. Faster drug discovery and advance tsunami flooding prediction – not easily solvable with current classical computing power – are now within reach thanks to advances in supercomputers and quantum algorithms.

What will the world look like if computing capabilities continue to grow at – or even faster than – the current extraordinary rate? And what if that power were democratically available to any business or organization – regardless of size or IT skills?

It’s time to think about that seriously. Tech futurists talk about something called “the singularity”. It’s when computers become so advanced that society’s ability to solve challenges accelerates to a completely new level. In this scenario, we get to grips with problems that were assumed to be just too complex for human capabilities.

We’re not there yet – but you can already see a clear pathway. And quantum computing looks set to shift that dial to warp speed in the next few years.

The age of data-driven discovery is here – enabled by superfast computing

Already there is an extraordinary change in velocity. Recent work with quantum algorithms on the Fujitsu Digital Annealer is transforming humanity’s ability to optimize highly complex systems. Breakthroughs are happening in areas such as flooding prediction, pandemic response and drug discovery. Specifically, Fujitsu has demonstrated tsunami flooding prediction up to an accuracy of 3 sq.m, enabled 90% improved efficiency for PPE kit allocation, 60% reduction in picking times in warehouses, and reducing a 40-hour calculation to 5 mins to improve automotive manufacturing. Further advances are coming in the near future with the Fujitsu quantum simulator and, after that, a quantum computer.

Even more remarkable is that access to the computing logic – classical and quantum – necessary for radical discovery and transformation will no longer be restricted to the world’s largest companies or those with the most advanced IT departments.

Solving your business challenges with Fujitsu computing technologies

Fujitsu is working towards automatic AI-enabled selection of resources between a hybrid combination of high-performance computing (HPC) and quantum-inspired computing, easily accessible through the Cloud. This will make it easier for complex problems to be solved by anyone – without having to worry about the underlying computing architecture.

Fujitsu is connecting the simplicity of cloud access, the cost advantages of as-a-service business models, and the ability to source all the skills and advice needed for business success with managed services. It’s a combination that will enable any organization to access, use, and deliver results from the world’s most powerful high-performance computers, supercomputers, and quantum logic.