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AI technology is the new engine powering the discovery revolution

From rapid drug development to fraud detection and sustainable business – lay the right technology foundations with Fujitsu AI

Humans have a fantastic ability to deduce knowledge from observation. It underpins much of human society and led to epoch-defining breakouts such as the scientific revolution.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhances that capability and is one of the most powerful engines in the new discovery revolution. More specifically, AI Machine Learning turns digital data that looks to humans like random noise into knowledge, helping us to go well beyond what we could work out for ourselves.

AI-enabled technologies are already transforming science, identifying opportunities to enhance sustainability, automating and amplifying human capabilities, eliminating repetitive and mundane tasks, enabling accurate, unbiased decision-making, reducing time to market, and generating additional revenue streams. But there is still much more to come. AI can greatly aid decision-making by finding causality for new discoveries, in areas such as genomic medicine, materials development, and fraud detection.

People remain fundamental to AI. We need a continuous feedback loop with human creativity to set appropriate challenges in the first place, recognize when new insights are available and whether they are valuable.

Fujitsu helps customers to recognize how AI can transform their business and the wider society. We understand how to lay the right technology foundations to kickstart AI transformation in your organization that is customized to meet your needs now and into the future.

We are enabling faster drug discovery and advanced coastal flooding prediction. These challenges were not easily solvable – even with high performance computers and today’s best algorithms – but are now within reach thanks to Fujitsu’s advances in supercomputers and quantum logic.

We are also driving the power of AI into everyday business use cases. Documents, for example, often contain invaluable information that remains hidden and wasted due to the time and cost of retrieval and putting into context. Leveraging the AI building blocks of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, Fujitsu Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) provides everything needed to extract, process, and structure data from unstructured documents for better business insight.

Likewise, huge volumes of visual data are captured in digital images, videos, and 3D data. The business challenge is how to optimize and extract value from that imagery efficiently and cost-effectively.

For organizations looking to gain actionable insight and value from their visual data, we have developed Fujitsu Computer Vision – a suite of end-to-end modular image recognition solutions. Luxury retailers, for example, can transform a cost center – CCTV security systems – into a marketing insight center that can add value by helping understand customer behavior, optimize product placement and enhance in-store consumer experiences. In high-volume retailing we can help detect fraud at self-checkouts. In manufacturing, Fujitsu Computer Vision is translating into higher quality products by detecting defects on the production line. And we are helping improve safety by identifying threats in public spaces.

The scope for AI to improve processes is endless. In food safety, approximately 600 million people fall sick every year after eating food contaminated with bacteria, viruses, parasites, or chemicals. Fujitsu is collaborating with agri-food analysis companies to incorporate machine learning to automate spectrographic analysis and reporting of pathogens. Once an AI system has been trained, it can consistently deliver a higher degree of accuracy than current processes, which provide incorrect results up to 2% of the time.

AI development – the road ahead

What’s coming next is a mix of ethical and technological advances.

On the ethical side, AI needs to be trusted more by people. This involves embracing fairness, accountability and transparency. Towards this end, Fujitsu is working on eXplainable AI (XAI). For instance, Fujitsu’s Finplex EnsemBiz powers the Galileo XAI platform for automation solutions provider LARUS to mitigate potential risks and costs facing financial institutions. Galileo can automatically detect sophisticated and complex illegal transactions through advanced analysis and machine learning.

The Fujitsu EnsemBiz technology uses explainable graph AI ‘Deep Tensor’ technology. Graph XAI, in contrast with the usual "black box" approach in machine learning, allows humans to understand the reasons behind ML recommendations, ultimately increasing confidence and adoption of services.

In terms of technology, Fujitsu is working on leveraging artificial intelligence in areas such as AI drug discovery and genomic medicine. Using Fujitsu AI, healthcare researchers have been able to accelerate the discovery of viable protein molecules to develop drugs for diseases such as Dengue Fever and Covid-19. Fujitsu has also been working with the Aichi Cancer Center in Japan to support physicians to choose personalized medical treatments based on individual cancer types and genomic variants. The solution using Fujitsu AI and supercomputer Fugaku – helped reduce the calculation of all 20,000 human genes from 4,000 years to 1 day.

Fujitsu is also working on Sapient ML to automatically generate production-ready ML Code for structured data. SapientML, or AutoML, helps create high-quality ML models quickly with less data and limited resources. This will accelerate the ability of organizations to bring AI into production and provide new opportunities for using AI to solve problems afflicting business and society.

Partner with Fujitsu to convert AI PoCs into business value faster and more reliably

Customers know AI adoption is key to differentiation, but AI projects often stay stuck in pilots without clear results.

  • Fujitsu is one of the few vendors capable of deploying end-to-end AI solutions, working with customers to convert AI PoCs into business value faster and more reliably.
  • Fujitsu understands the necessity of explainable and human-centric AI.
  • Fujitsu is a founding member of AI4People, the first multi-stakeholder forum on AI ethics, where we have set out an AI commitment, and why we continue to work on the practical application of ethical AI to eliminate bias and discrimination.
  • Fujitsu is the AI partner that combines the latest technological advances, the business insight needed to release value, and the human-centric vision necessary to build AI models that continue to be acceptable to society.