Consistently networking and digitizing mask production

Team Fiechter AG

XYZ's credo is to produce top-quality FFP2 masks at predictable prices and under especially fair conditions in Europe. Consistently networked, automated and digitized value chains are needed in order to remain competitive with Asian suppliers over the long term. Fujitsu supports this goal as an expert technology partner with its Connected Services.


Connecting mask production machines to a central cloud environment throughout Europe.



  • Virtual private cloud in Amazon Web Services
  • Web-based dashboard as a data hub


800 million FFP2 masks will be produced each year, thanks to a fully networked, Europe-wide cloud infrastructure.

Thanks to Fujitsu, we can efficiently tap into the potential of Industry 4.0 and implement the first smart mask factory in Europe.

Oliver Fiechter, founder and proprietor, XYZ

800 million

FFP2 masks will be produced each year, thanks to a fully networked, Europe-wide cloud infrastructure.

About the customer

Headquartered in Heerbrugg, Switzerland, the XYZ unit of Team Fiechter AG has a clear vision: to reduce the dependency on Asian manufacturers and supply chains for face masks. XYZ thus manufactures top-quality FFP2 masks in different European locations for predictable prices and under especially fair conditions. The production is consistently networked, automated and digitized according to aspects of Industry 4.0.

Smart, decentralized mask production

XYZ provides an innovative, forward-looking business model that counters the negative effects of global value chains with a practical solution with a focus on smart, decentralized production: manufacturing masks right where they are needed, all over Europe and close to the consumer. This model allows protective masks to be manufactured at competitive prices by eliminating the middleman and reducing logistics costs.

"In the pandemic, respirator masks save lives. But the global market is characterized by what can be questionable business practices among retailers, frequently inhumane conditions in overseas factories and CO2-intensive transport chains. Our business model is Europe's answer to these problems," says Oliver Fiechter, the founder and proprietor of XYZ, describing his innovative idea.

The inventive Swiss entrepreneur has developed a smart business model based on this idea: the Equipment-as-a-Service model (EaaS) for mask production. Partner companies can produce their FFP2 masks locally according to their own individual requirements, based on a pay-per-use model. XYZ operates as the owner of the production lines and makes them available to its system partners.

Consistent machine networking via the cloud

The consistent networking and digitization of the components involved turned out to be a particularly important aspect of the concept. All machines are therefore connected to a central cloud environment, where all relevant data is processed and transmitted to the ERP system. The mask producer brought Fujitsu on board to implement the IT aspects. The experts developed a complete solution based on Connected Services, which allows for perfect mapping and control of the data communication within the cloud infrastructure.

In the first project phase, Fujitsu set up a virtual private cloud (VPC) in Amazon Web Services (AWS). The key element is a web-based dashboard, which acts as a hub for transmitting machine data and for communicating with the ERP system. Flawless parts and reject data are also visualized via the dashboard. A basic user administration function with an authorization concept as well as the secure storage of machine data in the cloud memory are also integrated into the overall solution.

There are plans to work with Fujitsu on optimizing the overall process in the second phase and to raise IT security to a new level.

Making efficient use of digitization potential

"Within the project, Fujitsu acts as a valuable IT partner, who won us over with their well-thoughtout technologies, high level of technical expertise and top-quality consulting. As a result, we benefit from all the IT resources we need to transparently map the data flows in the cloud environment. This is the only way to make efficient use of digitization's high potential and consistently implement networked value chains in the sense of Industry 4.0," Oliver Fiechter concludes.

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