WWK Life Insurance

A partner for the data backup of tomorrow

To upgrade the existing backup infrastructure following the depreciation period, WWK went looking for a future-oriented backup system that was cost-efficient, could be expanded as needed and could also be managed by a small IT team without problems. The Munich-based insurance company found what they were looking for in Fujitsu and Veritas Technologies. The experienced duo delivers a perfect combination of hardware, software and service – from design to implementation.


WWK went looking for a future-oriented backup system that was cloud-ready and easy to administer.


  • Veritas FLEX Appliance 5340 HA 480 TB
  • Veritas NetBackup backup and recovery suite


  • Upto 25 times faster backup times
  • Recovery time objective (RTO) reduced by a factor of 60
  • Flexible, scalable system
  • Cloud readiness
  • Granular restore options
  • High system security, thanks to integrated solution
  • Cost advantages, due to highly efficient backup methods
  • Better protection against ransomware
Fujitsu and Veritas deliver the perfect mix of expertise, technology and service.

Manfred Huber, Head of the Server & Storage Services Group, WWK

5 minutes

That’s all it takes for an average
backup now – instead of 1.5 hours.

The customer

Founded in Munich in 1884 under the name Witwen- und Waisen Unterstützungscassa des Bayerischen Verkehrsbeamten-Verein (WWUK), WWK still keeps a steady eye on the financial security of its approximately 1.3 million customers in Germany and Austria. As a mutual insurance company, WWK Lebensversicherung operates independently of shareholder interests, thereby ensuring stability, reliability and sustainability.

Future-oriented backup concept

WWK not only constantly works on new products for its 1.3 million customers, the Munich-based insurance company also continuously develops its infrastructure. In modernizing its data centers, WWK also wanted to upgrade the backup infrastructure. "We were looking for a flexible, future oriented solution," says Franz Putz, System Architect for the Storage, Backup & Restore division at WWK. "It needed to be easy to expand and be able to flexibly handle future workloads both locally and in the public cloud." Since the existing solution was extremely time consuming to administer, another important requirement was to find an alternative that used modern administration tools and a high degree of automation.

WWK chose Fujitsu as the general contractor, along with an integrated backup system from Fujitsu's long-time partner Veritas Technologies. "We reviewed offers from prominent suppliers during the invitation to bid," explains Franz Putz. "The Fujitsu and Veritas duo impressed us." In addition to the lean solution, primary considerations were the professional support and advice provided as well as Fujitsu's extensive expertise.

Working together for the best possible result

"When migrating sensitive infrastructures, it is important not to simply present the customer with a finished system but to develop and integrate it together from the ground up," says René Köhnen-Wiesemes, Leading IT Solution Architect at Fujitsu. "That is the only way to find the best possible architecture for all IT departments, one that also keeps pace with the customer's future development." The experts therefore worked with WWK in an intensive workshop to develop a vision of the insurance provider's future backup concept and tested its ability to be implemented in a proof of concept process.

"The project execution was extremely professional," says Michael Winkels, System Administrator for Data Storage at WWK. "We worked together very closely and efficiently with Fujitsu the entire time. I was personally impressed by our contacts' high level of dedication and expertise."

Tailor-made backup in just seconds

Thanks to the integrated system, which consists of Veritas FLEX Appliance 5340 HA and the Veritas NetBackup backup and recovery suite, WWK now benefits from a perfectly coordinated backup system, which greatly speeds up the processes. Backups are now as much as 25 times faster, particularly in the virtual system environment. The recovery time objective (RTO) is, in part, reduced by a factor of 60, because virtual machines are now booted directly from backup storage. In many cases, the granular restore options also enable WWK to recover only affected files instead of entire VMs. "Without Fujitsu's active support and expertise, we would never have been able to integrate the system so perfectly. Our IT environment is simply too complex. It was really custommade for us," explains Manfred Huber, head of the Server & Storage Services group at WWK. "And with Fujitsu, we now have a single point of contact for our backup architecture. This saves time and gives us the opportunity to tackle new projects."

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