Taking customer convenience to new heights

Multi-award winning UK bus company, trentbarton, prides itself on delivering excellent customer service and has now implemented a new all-digital ticketing system based on Actora Account Based Ticketing (ABT) technology from ACT, a Fujitsu company. Passengers can use an automatically generated QR code on their mobile phone to ‘scan on’ and ‘scan off’ buses, with no need to carry cash or a smartcard with them.


Boost customer service by providing a convenient and easy-to-use bus travel solution for passengers, and gain greater knowledge of travel movements to support marketing promotions.


  • All-digital ticketing solution featuring cloud-native ABT technology from ACT, a Fujitsu company
  • Rapid download of mobile app and travel credit
  • Complete journey data for every account holder


  • Enables ‘scan on’ and ‘scan off’ travel with no need to carry cash
  • Provides movement data to support marketing functions
  • Increases customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs
ACT had the most advanced ABT capabilities we had seen out-of-the-box, but we were even more impressed by their smart ticketing knowledge.

Tom Morgan, Group Commercial Director, trentbarton


revenue generated during the first three months

About the customer

Based in the UK county of Derbyshire, trentbarton is a multi-award winning bus company. It was established over 100 years ago through the amalgamation of Trent Motor Traction and Barton Buses, and now employs nearly 1,000 people, making it one of the largest employers in the area. With an emphasis on excellent customer service, trentbarton’s distinctive buses cover some 40 regular routes and are also available for special outings.

Simplicity and convenience for customers

As one of the most recognisable and best respected bus companies in the Midlands, trentbarton puts the emphasis on delivering an excellent customer experience. It launched its mango smartcard scheme in 2009, allowing customers the convenience of ‘touch-on, touch-off’ bus services and the ability to top up their accounts online or at ticketing machines.

Now, trentbarton has launched a new mango all-digital, mobile app featuring ticketing technology from Fujitsu company, ACT. With over 20 years of ticketing experience, ACT provides ticketing solutions designed to meet travellers’ changing needs. Its flexible ABT solutions are cloud native and delivered through its transport ticketing platform, Actora.

Tom Morgan, Group Commercial Director at trentbarton, says: “ACT had the most advanced ABT capabilities we had seen out-of-the-box, but we were even more impressed by their smart ticketing knowledge, and their willingness to cocreate the mobile ticketing solution with us. The ACT project team helped us get from planning to go-live within a few short months.”

Over £1m in revenue generated

Over 38,000 unique app downloads were created in the first three months, and 10,000 journeys a day are now made using the app. In the first three months it generated over £1m in revenue.

“Instead of applying for a card or visiting the bus station, customers can download the mango mobile app and buy credit with just a few finger strokes,” says Morgan. “Once they have topped up their credit, they can use an automatically generated QR code on their mobile phone screen to ‘scan on’ and ‘scan off’ our bus services, with no need to carry cash or a smartcard with them.”

Guaranteed fares increase customer confidence

Customers can already use mango credit to travel on trentbarton buses and services operated by its sister company Kinchbus. Now, there are also plans to extend the scheme to a third operator.

Company research shows that different fare options can confuse customers and prevent them from using buses. The all-mobile mango scheme breaks down this barrier by increasing customer confidence, with the right fare guaranteed for every single journey.

“This is the first solution of its type to constantly review customers’ journeys and to apply ‘rolling fare caps’, not just over a seven day period, but also for the last 28 days,” adds Morgan. “This means we can calculate the best daily, weekly, or monthly fare for each customer – which is a dream from a customer-experience perspective, and from a marketing perspective for our business as well.”

The ACT solution provides complete journey data for every mango account holder – creating new opportunities to engage with and incentivise customers.

“We’re currently rolling out a new feature that allows account holders to share or donate credit to other account holders,” adds Morgan. “The system gives us literally hundreds of options for adding new features and functionality for our customers, and we are proud to have one of the most sophisticated ABT solutions that exists anywhere in the world right now.”

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