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Developing Digital Innovation with Teixeira Duarte

The importance of the construction industry is not limited to its product; it has a significant impact on the development ofcountries, job creation, and the progress of economy. In a group  as large as Teixeira Duarte, setting up entities is a very important administrative process – albeit monotonous and mechanical – documenting operations in severalcountries. What if we could automate this task?


Setting up entities is a slow yet essential process for Teixeira Duarte’s everyday life. This was a full-time task for a team that dedicated themselves to checking elements.


  • FUJITSU Human Centric Experience Design (HXD)
  • RPA has enabled the release of human resources to other tasks.
RPA – robotic process automation – will be the tip of the iceberg for digital transformation. We expect to achieve a successful rate of over 50% by the end of the year

Rui Pedroso, Head of IT, Grupo Teixeira Duarte

RPA - Robotic Process Automation

This was the solution found in co-creation.

FUJITSU HXD Co-creation Workshops

Several corporate elements were involved in order to find the best solution.

50% Successful Rate

In the main geographical locations.

About the customer

For almost 100 years, Grupo Teixeira Duarte has been present in approximately 20 countries and counts on over eleven thousand employees. Operating in Concessions and Services, Real Estate, Hospitality, Distribution, and the Auto sector, its major activity is Construction since it is at the origin of the group and currently represents approximately 50% of profit.

Its Portuguese head office sets up all entities for approximately 180 companies in the group, which is an urgent and intense process due to the preference of local suppliers in each project – one of Teixeira Duarte’s policies, which is consistent with its social conscience – leading to multiple entries in the system.

Allowing for human resources to dedicate themselves to jobs that add value rather than repetitive actions had already led Teixeira Duarte to consider which technological solutions would be better. By using Fujitsu’s HXD methodology, the path became clear:

RPA (robotic process automation) could drastically change the everyday life of employees.

Developing Human Potential

In spite of having identifies eight processes where the implementation of RPA was beneficial, setting up entities ended up being selected as a pilot project. Its impact gained immediate visibility.

A working group made up of elements from different teams – one of Fujitsu’s methods devised in its workshop on FUJITSU Human Centric Experience Design (HXD) – had the double advantage of, on one hand, enhancing the importance of this project with the presence of Management and, on the other hand, taking in the knowledge of teams that were directly impacted by the automation process. This focus on the experience of people in order to design a solution is what really makes a difference ensuring a smoother transition to new procedures and duties and easing the competition between humans and machines in the confidence that technology will give each one time for rewarding and creative tasks adding more value for all parties.

Scalable progress

In less than a month, the project allowed for half of the entities to be set up by RPA. In light of the success of this pilot project, the group wishes to expand its experience to Brazil, where it is extremely active in the Construction sector, and to its main geographical locations, where it expects to have a successful rate of over 50%.

With accomplished employees adding value to the organisation, Grupo Teixeira Duarte is looking at RPA as a starting point and can see on the horizon, over the next years, FUJITSU HXD as a promising solution for its digital transformation.

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