Pelayo Mutua de Seguros

Digitization streamlines efficiency

Purchasing insurance involves a huge amount of paperwork. From policies and contracts to terms, conditions, and financial schedules, the insurance industry generates more documentation than almost any other. Efficiently managing this deluge of literature is a challenge, and it is further complicated by compliance issues and the need to provide efficient customer service.


Implement a more flexible architecture that will support innovation and change. Improve document management and introduce digitization to streamline customer service


  • Undertook an ambitious digital transformation project
  • Improved CRM, DMS, and  document mapping
  • Introduced electronic signatures for a quicker   service


  • Opens up new business expansion perspectives
  • Speeds up client negotiations and improves customer satisfaction
  • Ensures compliance security of insurance documents
Fujitsu had the knowledge and experience that we needed for our digitization and was an excellent partner in every way.

Jorge Sánchez Fernández, Exponential Technologies Manager, Pelayo Mutua de Seguros


traceable, auditable, and safe Pelayo documentation service

About the customer

Pelayo Mutua de Seguros was founded in 1933 when a group of industrialists formed a company called the Madrid Rental Car Mutual. During the first year, 86 vehicles were insured and since then the business has grown into a group of insurance companies with 1,115 employees and 301 offices throughout Spain. It offers insurance products for the automobile, property, accident, life, civil liability, and healthcare markets.

Inflexible systems holding back innovation

With 881,000 customers and over one million policies, Madrid-based Pelayo Mutua de Seguros found that its old document systems were inflexible and were holding back innovation. So it decided to embark on an ambitious digitization project.

“The business was working but we were not adding value so we wanted to be prepared for any new ways of working that we may want to adopt in the future,” says Jorge Sánchez Fernández, Exponential Technologies Manager at Pelayo. “We had a lot of systems generating different document formats with different governance models, so making changes was really hard.

“We needed to improve our technical architecture to make it simpler and more effective to make changes and improve. Also, we are very customer centric and wanted to give a better service to our customers.”

Technical expertise and vast experience

Pelayo’s transformation roadmap was ambitious so it needed a partner that combined technical expertise with vast experience of working in the insurance industry. “We chose Fujitsu as our strategic partner because it demonstrated a sound comprehension of what we wanted to accomplish, and even introduced us to some possibilities that we had not thought of. It had the knowledge and experience that we needed for our digitization and was an excellent partner in every way,” explains Mr. Sánchez.

Because many streams of the business were involved, Fujitsu had up to four teams working on the project at the same time, concerned with matters such as technical architecture, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Document Management Systems (DMS), document mapping processes, and digital signatures. The work involved the analysis and improvement of communication and business processes including contracts, benefits, clients, legal, and logistics. Fujitsu teams also advised on the automatic generation of documents in the welcome pack, a new infrastructure for online sales, integration with Salesforce CRM, and document standardization into a single brand image. One of the most important elements was to centralize all information onto one single document management platform.

In response to the need for electronic signatures and document digitalization, Fujitsu proposed a Pelayo documentation service that was 100% traceable, auditable, and safe. The plug-and-play solution allowed for future integrations and was independent of the DMS.

Early payback and customer satisfaction

In line with its business plan, Pelayo’s transformation is forecasted to pay for itself by the Q1 of year three and just nine months into its 15-month span, the project is already saving money, although it is too early to evaluate specific amounts.

Customer satisfaction is another major benefit as Mr. Sánchez explains: “Digital signatures now provide a much better service for our clients. They can exchange documents and sign them digitally. Our response times are much quicker and large amounts of paper are saved, which is good for the environment. We used to have a lot of different document services, document repositories, and access points, and we have now unified them into a single modern architecture. With encryption, we can rely much more on the security of our DMS and document mapping".

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