Orient Watches

Orient Watches’ timely IT modernization

Orient Watches planned to replace its servers with modern, high-availability equipment that
would help the company to grow. It found Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX, a solution based on hyperconverged
technology, which provides an integrated and efficient system. The new, faster working environment has improved the productivity of its employees in critical processing roles.


Orient Watches needed to replace its servers to implement modern, high-availability equipment that could help the company to grow. Any delays in issuing documents forced staff to work overtime and impeded the processing of more orders.


  • Integrated and virtualized  IT infrastructure
  • Hyperconverged technology, Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX, was implemented to improve performance and energy efficiency


  • 80% reduction in time  spent on routine tasks
  • Significant increase in productivity with overtime  reduced and staff satisfaction improved
  • Rack space reduced from 16U to 2U
  • 40% energy saving
The Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX for vSAN integrated system had the best cost - benefit on the market for our operation and higher processing power than the competition.

Inaldo Pontes, Network Administrator, Orient Watches


reduction in financial report
processing time

About the customer

Orient Watches in Amazonia was the first to assemble Orient watches outside its country of origin. The factory in Manaus, Brazil, opened in 1978 with employees trained in Japan and became well known for its innovation in automatic watches. Orient remains a respected brand in Brazil due to its quality and is a leader in sales in the watch market.

Renewal and modernization

Orient Watches changes its servers every five years. As the end of the warranty and support period approached in 2017, a market study began to evaluate the hypothesis of staying with its incumbent vendor, Dell, or changing to more innovative technologies.

“Our equipment was already exceeding 90% utilization of resources, and expansion would be complicated. It didn’t fit with the company’s growth,” says Inaldo Pontes, Network Administrator at Orient Watches. Orient wanted a high-availability, scalable solution, using modern technology and from a trusted brand.

Hyperconvergence offers speed and efficiency

The Fujitsu option arose via MD Systems, a company with 21 years’ experience in the market offering infrastructure products, security, and managed services. It has worked with Orient Watches for more than a decade and has been a Fujitsu partner since 2017. After evaluating the volume of data and the availability needed for the next five years, MD Systems suggested a hyperconverged solution from the Fujitsu integrated systems portfolio, PRIMEFLEX

PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSAN™ is an integrated system that simplifies the implementation of IT infrastructure based on VMware. This is managed via a powerful ISM tool (FUJITSU Software Infrastructure Manager), in conjunction with VMware vCenter®.

The integrated system combines 86x Fujitsu PRIMERGY CX400 high-density servers, which are market leaders in processing. It also features storage-defined software from VMware to configure a high-performance virtual infrastructure that is highly reliable and efficient in terms of space, electrical consumption, and heat dissipation.

Having established that Fujitsu offered the best cost/benefit ratio on the market, Orient Watches moved forward with a timetable of phased implementation. The transition took place over six weeks, so Orient Watches could migrate the equipment without interfering with the company’s daily activity.

Improved performance empowers growth

Orient Watches saw an immediate improvement in performance with a time saving of approximately 80% in tasks such as calculations, issuing orders, and invoicing. Reports that previously took eight hours to be processed now only take two. Thanks to the higher processing speed, the accounts department have stopped working overtime, which had happened once or twice a month and sometimes on Saturdays. Now, all tasks are completed during regular working hours

The improvement was reflected in Orient Watches’ ER, Totvs, which generates the progress database, and in the Microsoft applications used in various machines in the company. Orient Watches exchanged a Citrix platform for a 100% VMware environment, which offers the flexibility to virtualize Linux and Windows Server machines. Pontes says that maintenance is simpler and takes the IT department less time. The equipment also takes less space on the rack, going from 16U to just 2U. The reduction in energy consumption has gone from 40% to 50%.

Over the last year, Orient Watches has recorded growth in turnover of between 10% and 15%. “The company has leveraged sales with commercial strategies, but the technological infrastructure helped a lot,” concludes Pontes.

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