Major Pet Food Manufacturer

Seamless order management integration boosts efficiency

GLOVIA® OM allows Major Pet Food Manufacturer to achieve better visibility of orders and inventory.


This premium pet food company was using its ERP system to handle order management, which led to a lack of visibility and required
significant manual intervention. It wanted to move to a more suitable and flexible order management platform.


The company deployed FUJITSU GLOVIA® OM, a comprehensive order management solution, which integrates seamlessly with its Salesforce CRM platform.


  • ROI achieved in year one
  • FUJITSU GLOVIA® OM provides clarity across the order cycle, enabling responsive service
  • Better customer service increases sales
  • Delivers a lower cost for proof of concept for new projects
  • Sales associates and call center agents easily adopted the new technology
  • Seamlessly orchestrates B2B, B2C and D2C order channels
FUJITSU GLOVIA® OM provides a vibrant, scalable and constantly improving platform that can handle spikes in volume with no problems.

US manufacturing representative

  • Country: USA
  • Industry: Manufacturing


This brand is part of a huge American global manufacturer of confectionery, pet food and other food products, with $35 billion in annual sales in 2017.

Products and Services


Upgrading order management

This premium pet food product is one of its iconic parent company’s fastest growing brands, fueled by an ongoing rise in DTC and B2B demand. It has a global footprint and sales of $1 billion per year, with three million parcels delivered directly to customers’ doorsteps every year. As a premium product, consumers and partners have greatly elevated expectations about the service they receive.

Online services have opened a new world of order transparency, loyalty points and zero delay shipping. However, the company was relying on its ERP system to handle order management, which created a technical and service debt because, when using ERP to control orders, it ties a single customer to a specific distribution center. If the product is not available in that center, the order must be manually adjusted. With 10,000 orders per day, that takes time and impacts on delivery.

This unhelpful set-up led to orders being cancelled or rejected because the company couldn’t see the totality of its inventory and leverage stock across the distribution network. It knew it had to take a fresh look at its order management and asked a third party to run an RFI process in order to find the best partner.

The company wanted to unlock innovation while insulating the ERP system from any changes. It became clear that the real opportunity was to connect order management to its Salesforce ecosystem, so that became the objective. After talking to several suppliers who fell short of the requirements during an initial RFP, Fujitsu was invited in the second RFP cycle, and presented FUJITSU GLOVIA® OM; within 15 minutes, the evaluation team knew it was the perfect, flexible customer engagement tool.

A comprehensive, integrated, and flexible solution

Unlike a traditional ERP solution, FUJITSU GLOVIA® OM is quick to deploy, configure and modify. It seamlessly integrates with the world’s leading cloud CRM, to offer a world-class solution to manage operations and increase sales. It is 100% native for the Salesforce platform – from order management to invoicing and field service, inventory management to material requirements planning (MRP) and purchasing to manufacturing.

FUJITSU GLOVIA® OM provides service-based metrics, responsive replenishment, omni-channel inventory fulfilment and unified order orchestration for a scalable, flexible and connected platform. This enables the customer to orchestrate B2B, B2C and D2C order channels; introduce highly configurable, intelligent order routing and fulfillment; develop multi-ship and split line fulfillment capabilities; unify the sales and service experience; and integrate easily with existing legacy systems.

Despite the huge technological overhaul, there were no glitches and the company enjoyed an apparently effortless transition, enabling it to ship $1.4 million worth of product on day one. The new solution now includes the intelligent order allocation and fulfillment engine, which is based on the geographical locations of both customer and warehouse, ensuring orders are routed to optimal shipping locations. The comprehensive Fujitsu solution also supports pricing and tax calculations, payments processing, discounts, promotions and loyalty management programs.

With the Fujitsu team at the company’s side, it could carefully walk through the processes and redesign them from the ground up. That meant the project could go live without a single hiccup.

Better visibility, intuitive performance

The company – and its distribution partners – now enjoy better visibility of orders and inventory, enabling them to recover sales that otherwise would have been permanently lost. Customers can also choose their distribution point and other user-centric choices using online self-service. It’s a more transparent way of doing business, free from the boundaries imposed by the ERP system and with minimal manual intervention required.

It equips the call center team and the sales associates with the tools they need in a way that they natively understand because it is intuitive. They have readily adopted the new tools and dug into the opportunities FUJITSU GLOVIA® OM offers to better serve Fujitsu customers. Sixty days after deployment, the company surveyed 250 users and 100% responded that they “now have the tools they need to do their job”.

FUJITSU GLOVIA® OM also provides a repository for vast amounts of consumer data – without bloating the ERP system. By storing it on the engagement platform, the company can leverage it easily within its sales and marketing cloud. It also enables a lower cost for proof of concept for new projects – without tying up the ERP system. All this has helped the company achieve a return on its Fujitsu investment in just one year.

FUJITSU GLOVIA® OM has provided a vibrant, scalable and constantly improving platform that can handle spikes in volume with no problems. The US is just one of 52 markets for this company and there are so many other brands in the wider family that it expects to use FUJITSU GLOVIA® OM as an omni-channel enabler in future ecosystems.

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