CCU improves its logistics and sales service

CCU uses FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS and PRIMEQUEST to ensure business continuity for the
sale and distribution of its beverages across Latin America. A data center solution with high
geographic availability allows CCU to ensure the daily activities of its salesforce and distribution
fleet do not suffer delays or downtime, guaranteeing its customers receive their orders on time.


Upgrade CCU’s core data center infrastructure
for logistics, sales and distribution to guarantee business continuity. 



  • High geographic availability between data
    centers (14 km) with an active–active
    Oracle cluster
The Fujitsu solution, based on storage and PRIMEQUEST, is solid, robust and secure, surpassing our expectations. It has given us the stability we were looking for.”

Cristian Feres, Corporate Information Architect, CCU


Performance improvements

About the customer

CCU is a multi-category beverage company. In Chile, it is one of the main players in each of the categories in which it participates, including beers, soft drinks, mineral and bottled waters, nectars, wine and pisco. It is the second largest brewer in Argentina. In Uruguay and Paraguay it is present in the market of beers, mineral and bottled waters, soft drinks and nectars; in Bolivia it participates in the beer, bottled water, soft drink and malt industry; and in Colombia it participates in the beer and malt market.

Business continuity

CCU is one of the leading Latin American beverage companies, producing and bottling over 30 million hectoliters across 32 plants, distributed from 42 logistics centers in the six countries where it operates.

All of its production and distribution infrastructure is supported by two data centers, which are critical for the business continuity of the sales and logistics functions. The data centers have a series of nightly batch processes, which run for around three hours to prepare operations for the next day. Any incidents during this process can cause delays, impacting the daily operations of distribution vehicles which has repercussions on the delivery of products to customers.

Originally designed with a redundant active–passive structure using Oracle Real Application Clusters and IBM Power Systems running the proprietary Unix operating system, the company began to experience problems and suffer from outages, not just at its main data center, which could occasionally affect service.

High geographic availability (active–active between sites)

“We were looking for a solution on the market that operated in an Oracle environment and respected our investment and dependence on this software. We needed to migrate the clusters to an x86 active–active architecture, which, in the event of a total failure, would allow the systems to recover in just a few seconds, without human intervention,” explains Cristian Feres, Corporate Information Architect, CCU.

CCU needed to distribute operations between two data centers, which, from the perspective of Oracle, had to appear connected to a single LUN when in fact they were connected to a virtual LUN between storage sites 14 km apart. This was achieved using the Storage Cluster software, included in all Fujitsu storage solutions.

The results of the Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST 3800E proof of concept were highly promising: the solution provided the performance and optimized efficiency of a mainframe on an x86 architecture for the most demanding mission-critical environments. “We wanted to push the system to the limit to see how it responded when data wasn’t synchronized. We wanted to see how it reacted to highly critical incidents. In Chile, natural disasters like earthquakes are relatively frequent and can affect our activities. We needed to be prepared for extreme situations in which both data centers can fail at the same time. It was an extreme scenario, but we wanted to know the system could cope.”

Trust and peace of mind

CCU was impressed by Fujitsu. “We’d never seen this kind of architecture before. For me, the Fujitsu design, which combined PRIMEQUEST and its storage cluster solution, was smarter than what the competition was offering, allowing our services to recover and get back online quickly,” explains Feres. “I was also impressed by Fujitsu’s confidence in its proof of concept at every moment, with PRIMEQUEST and its robust Storage DX200. Fujitsu went a step beyond the other manufacturers, conducting the tests under extreme conditions for a data center, both in a normal environment and under high temperatures, disconnecting its computer. The other companies only carried out a simulation.”

Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST and storage mean the data center is now much more stable and robust, and it has also allowed CCU to improve the response time. CCU has experienced a brief outage in its data center, which passed unnoticed thanks to the active–active architecture. The new solution has improved performance by over 55%, reducing the time needed for the nightly batch run by three hours, allowing it to bring forward the distribution and sale of products.

“For CCU it is very important to build relationships with long-term strategic partners and Fujitsu is one of them. We are very happy to have implemented this innovation in Chile where its execution and performance to date has been impeccable,” concludes Rafael Fontecilla, CIO, CCU.

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